Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Such a Good Day

Last night it began to rain. Fortunately the cloud cover lasted for the night so the water didn't freeze on the ground.  Is it too much to hope for that this year the first snow will arrive on dry ground and we avoid the winter-long ice cover on sidewalks and streets?  Looking forward to a cloudy day today but with another slight warming trend at least until the weekend.

Yesterday was glorious again: a sunny day with blue sky and a perfect day for taking a couple of good long walks.  

The grocery store had all the items I needed yesterday so I avoided racing all over town for a change to get everything and getting frustrated by not finding at least one major item, as so often happens here.

Had an encouraging long distance call from a friend in another province.  We have a good mutual support system that has stood us in good stead for the past nearly 40 years...WOW FORTY YEARS!!  She is very near and dear to me.  We have been through a lot together.

My husband completed the last section of the garage clean out and reorganization on his day off.  He proudly showed me the result of his efforts last night and I admit to be very impressed.  It will be uplifting for him now every time he goes out there, instead of it being a constant reminder of how far behind he has been on the details of home life and work over the past year or two.  I am delighted.  It will be less depressing for me as well now when I go out there to get the car.

As long as it isn't icy underfoot I am going to "suit up" and go for my usual walk later today.  I want to take advantage of every possible walking day before the winter sets in.  Once it arrives I am facing many months of walking inside the house and church, the local mall and the walking track at the arena.  Those venues can become rather monotonous by the time our 5 to 7 months of icy winter are over.  For every day I can still walk outside I am extremely grateful.  To have gotten this far into October with no snow is quite wonderful!!  At least when it arrives I have all my new sweaters to enjoy wearing. The best thing about being the age I am is that when those sweaters go out of style next year I can still wear mine quite happily.  No one  is looking at me at this stage of my life.  Being invisible has its perks.

My husband will be heading to our other town and church today and tomorrow so I am going to take advantage of the down time to get the house cleaned and start researching my homily for Sunday.  He will be on his second last "out trip" related to diocesan events this weekend so I am taking the local service for him. Fortunately we have available lay assistance in the other town to take their service so I won't have to drive down there and back. (There is a hint in the forecast of some light flurries perhaps on Sunday...a pox on that I say!)  Oooh, another thing to be grateful for: I will have the car for this weekend as my husband is riding to his event with another parishioner.  If I want to go anywhere farther away than the local WalMart I will have wheels to do it....although I suspect the car will never leave the garage the entire weekend.  

It is time to read the morning online news papers and then get on with my day, get some vaccuming done and maybe even the dusting.  Such excitement...can I stand it??? hahahahahaha  Another good day in the offing......

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