Monday, October 20, 2014

Thank You God for Another Warm and Sunny Autumn Day

After a very good sleep last night I feel more like writing a bit this morning while the laundry is whirring around in the machines.

What a great trip over the weekend.  The sun shone continually every day, the evenings were cool without being jarringly cold.  I barely wore my outdoor jacket all weekend.

Highlights of the trip included:
--a safer than usual trip to City #1 on a crowded 2 lane highway that has us biting our knuckles every time we have to drive on it.  We didn't get trapped behind more than one or two large, slow moving vehicles for the entire 2 hour trip.

--we got our errands done there in rather a longer time than we planned because the infrastructure of that city no longer keeps up with the amount of truck traffic using its ring roads and highway off ramps. Twice our ability to turn left on the green light was thwarted because the oncoming truck traffic, that was also trying to turn left behind us, had trailers and rigs that completely blocked the intersection we had to turn across.  The left turn lanes are no longer long enough to handle the number of rigs using them and the lights are not synchronised properly to allow the traffic to flow.  Next time we go in during busy day time hours we will try to plan an alternate route to our city destinations.

--visiting a parishioner in hospital in the city was very sweet.  She had a good chance of not living through the surgery, however not only did she survive and do well in recovery, the day we saw her she was more worried about her hair style than about her new hip replacement!  She is going to be fine!  Hallelujah!

--had 2 Indian meals, the first in City #1 was terrible and we have confirmation now that we are correct in our assumption that if it is noon on a Friday and there are no guests in a particular restaurant it is because the food is horrific.  haha.  O well, we did have a lovely visit with the proprietor whose ancestors had been in the British army in India in the 1800's.  When the army was removed from India this man's family lost everything they had and emigrated to Kenya.  They came to Canada 53 years ago with the equivalent of one Canadian dollar to their name.  I am glad they found a good home here.  I do hope though that the quality of the meals served in their restaurant improves...yikes! The second meal, in City #2 was fantastic as it always is at our favourite spot and we are glad we had time to stop and eat dinner there on our way home on Saturday evening. The dhosa were particularly delicious and made right at our table.

--I am now officially old.  For the third time in as many trips one of my waitresses called me "dear".  If I was as brave as my mother in law used to be I would have told her in no uncertain terms, "I am NOT your DEAR!!", but I actually get a bit of a kick out of it.  The waitresses mean well and are trying to be kind to we elderly and incompetent, slow and witless types. haha

--We arrived at our hotel in City #2 to discover they are renovating (thus the surprising drop in cost that allowed us to stay there in the first place) and so we were upgraded to a suite.  It was old, a bit shabby and the kitchenette sported disposable dishes and cutlery, but how wonderful it was to have the bedroom separate from the rest of the suite. When an inebriated guest fell into the wall and tripped the fire alarm on our floor at 4am, I was able to leave my husband sleeping, quietly shut the door to the bedroom and spend the rest of the night reading my book while wrapped up in a blanket on the couch.  I could turn up the heat in the living room and he could turn down the heat in the bedroom and it was all good.  

--We arrived at our hotel in plenty of time to have an early dinner at the restaurant down the street.  It was delicious and I had a calabrese salad that was excellent!!  I was able to get the dressing on the side so only used about a teaspoon of it on the salad, which was good as it is a very sweet dressing. The butter lettuce was crisp and fresh. The bocconcini was perfect in texture.  I had a glass of red wine that wasn't horrible and we ended up having a great date together. The downtown mall was open late so we had a brisk walk all around it before settling back into the hotel for the night.

--The next morning when I was packing up to check out of the hotel, I managed to haul both my husband's tote bags, my suitcase and a couple of plastic bags from our shopping at the mall the night before, all in one load.  When I got on the elevator, our alarm tripping guest was in there all ready with his son, still not quite sober, friendly as you please.  He took one look at all the bags I was carrying and said, "Sheez, you must be one strong woman."  I cracked up!  If you are familiar with First Nations understated humour and tone of voice you can imagine the hilarity.  We both got laughing and when he got off with me in the lobby he grabbed his son's arm and told him he should look for a strong woman for himself. I cracked up all over again.  

--The ordination service for our deacon was beautiful, inspiring, full of colourful robes, pomp and ceremony and joy!  My husband has the pleasure of working in a diocese filled with some of the most sincere clergy colleagues he has ever met, including our bishop. It is always a pleasure to get together and share in such a joyful occasion.  I am so glad I was able to go along for this trip.

--The sermon my husband preached at the ordination was able to be adapted for the next day's church services so he didn't have to stay up half the night completing the one he had originally started writing.  We didn't get home until after 10pm the night before, so he was grateful to realize how fitting the sermon from the ordination actually was for the next day's preaching.

--In a few minute we are leaving for the local 'flu' shot clinic to get our immunization needles.  As a diabetic I am supposed to get one each year and as someone who has so much contact with people in his work, including sharing in the common communion cup each week, my husband also requires some assistance in battling these diseases.

--Will spend the afternoon digging out the now frosted flowers from the front of the house.  While we were away some of the church men cut down the giant hedge in front of the rectory from being nearly 8 feet in height to waist height.  It is going to be so much easier to look after next spring and summer.  It looks good and we are so grateful they did that.

--Just sorting out the details today as to how my husband's accommodation for next weekend's Diocesan seminar sessions is going to work out.  I have got to stay home this time and keep my diet sorted out.  O my...all this travelling and restaurant food is wreaking havoc with my system...not so much the diabetes and the stress on my liver from the extra fats and sodium that cannot be completely avoided in such circumstances.

--Another sunny, nicely warm day is upon us.  How grateful I am.  I am praying it will last until Nov. 1 so that my husband's last 2 long drives out of town between then and now will not be ruined by ice and snow.  On days like this it is nearly impossible to imagine that first blizzard rolling in and changing the season so completely to winter once again.

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