Friday, October 24, 2014

The Inevitable Winter Weather

The wind changed today.  It was definitely a cold wind, unlike the balmy breezes we have been enjoying for the past few weeks.  The chill went right through my light jacket as I quick stepped to a restaurant for my lunch, trying not to shiver visibly as I realized my choice for a coat was all wrong.  Yesterday I took my walks, leisurely strolls, in my shirt sleeves.

The sun is so low in the sky by mid afternoon that 2:30pm looks and feels like 5:30pm did a month ago.

The forcast for tomorrow is not too bad with a high of +16C, but after dipping well below zero overnight into Sunday the daytime highs are predicted to be only about +2C to +4C for the next few days. Brrrrrr....

By Monday we are possible going to experience periods of snow, or light rain and flurries depending on which weather forecast you believe.  I would prefer periods of snow without the rain coming down first and freezing all over everything. Once that happens we will not be free of the ice for the entire winter. I would so love just one winter like Northern Alberta: lots of snow but not much ice on the roads and sidewalks; certainly not the thick base of ice that we struggle with here every winter.

My husband and his assistant priest got away to their weekend of seminars in good time today.  My husband called me from a lovely little Thai restaurant where he was having his dinner tonight, all excited about his weekend and about a chance to spend time in a favourite city of mine, but on his own and able to visit his buddies, to talk about theolgy and philosphy to his heart's content.  Tomorrow the seminars begin and he will be intensely busy teaching and learning.

I have the music decided for the local Sunday service, but now am struggling with my homily.  It isn't coming together yet.  I have several pages of unconnected ideas in my attempt to tie the scriptures for this week together as a cohesive unit.  The commentaries on these lections that I am reading are not doing that great a job either actually, so it will be interesting to see what I can glean from some other commentaries and authors.  The tie in is the death of Moses and I can make some of the connections between readings smoothly, but what I have still leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe after a good sleep tonight I will have more success in completing this "mess" of a message.  There isn't one main idea that stands out to me as a core for my sermon.  Prayer and sleep and tomorrow something will come to mind and spirit, I am sure. I think some of life's current stresses are distracting me from focusing my prayers and thoughts.  Sunday service may be more "interesting" than any one is expecting. hahaha


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