Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We Are a Crazy People

The world and the people in it are getting stranger and more frightening all the time.  

This morning I read about an Alberta girl who was being bullied at school. Her locker was broken into and threatening messages appeared on her phone etc.  She decided to counteract the bullying by printing up nearly 900 post-it notes with positive messages and posted one on every locker in the school.  Then she got in trouble with the adminstration because some of them fell off the lockers, the janitor was not happy that he/she had to clean those up and the girl was in trouble for littering. Meantime the kids who bullied her have not been made accountable.  What is wrong with this picture?? (And no, I am not one of those people who think every incident of bullying is only up to the school staff to deal with...I have VERY strong opinions about parents who abdicate their own responsibilities and expect the school to raise their children for them in every aspect of life. Just so ya' know....)

Ebola has broken out in 2 victims (and a dog?) in Spain adding to world wide paranoia about the spread of the disease assuming plague-like proportions.  How frightened should we actually be?  I don't know.  I am grateful I do not live in western Africa right now but I do want to do more to financially assist medical teams there who are in desperate straits trying to get this epidemic under control.

Terrorists are beheading westerners left, right and centre in the middle east, killing Christians en masse and leading us into another war.  The tension begins once again:  when do we allow other countries to fight their own wars and when do we intercede for reasons ranging from humanitarian compassion to protecting our own country's interests globally?  There are good reasons and not so good reasons and downright bad reasons for our country's intervention in that particular situation and the answers as to why we are involved in some wars in other countries and not in others are not black and white, not easily fathomed.  It is easy to be cynical and cranky about North Americans only involving themselves in other country's politics according to our own financial gain, but there are always other reasons involved as well that we may not be aware of as the mere "general population".

It would be easy to become so upset about the state of the world in general as to render myself quite useless in participating in or enjoying the life I live here in Canada. There is pressure from some quarters to assume a form of "survivor's guilt" by those of us not suffering in such ways and who are unable to go to these countries and sacrifice our lives in hopes of ending the disaster.  Somewhere there is a balance between doing all I can to assist in other countries who are having struggles and living out the necessary details of my own life.  Prayer and financial giving are what I can do at this time and so I will do those things to the best of my ability.  As other opportunities arise, if they should do so, I pray I will have the courage to follow them through,

I am not certain how crazy the world has to get before the Lord intervenes and shuts down life as we know it and I am not certain I want to know.  It would seem that "the time is not yet."  I do not believe in the Rapture, at least not in the way it is generally promoted in some churches, but I do believe that Jesus will come again and make things right in his Father's time and way.  However it plays out it is good to have assurance that the horrendous things we humans have chosen to commit upon each other and upon the earth will not continue forever.

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