Monday, October 6, 2014

Well, Blow Me Down!

Wow, it is incredibly windy outside this afteroon!!  After a nice calm morning with a bit of rain the wind arrived to blow the clouds away, but it nearly blew me away as well.

I certainly made it over to the hospital for my class in record time.  By the time I got there the dirt blowing around outside had gotten into my sandals and I had to go into the hospital washroom to soap, rinse and dry both feet.  My mouth was full of dirt and my hair was full of crispy autumn tree leaves. When I brushed out my hair there were bits of gritty sand in my brush.

Coming home again after our excellent class was even worse.  At one point the wind blew up behind me and nearly knocked me over...what a terrible feeling.  I don't remember the last time I was out walking in wind this strong.  As I passed the elementary school the kids were just getting out for the day and 2 of the smallest girls actually lost their balance from the wind gusts as they ran for the school bus.  

My hope is that this wind is blowing in some good weather for a few more days or weeks.  On the other side of the mountains the weather is improving and so my husband and his friend ought to be having a grand time out climbing some tall peak or other in decent, dry weather.

Good news items:  our church kitchen passed inspection today with only a couple of small suggestions for improvement and my reunion class was really fun.  It was great to see everyone and hear how well most of them did over the summer since classes ended.  Only one experienced huge issues with her diabetes but she is on the mend now, thank goodness.  When we had our waists measured I found out I have lost another 2.5 inches since the first week in May when it was originally measured. What a great feeling...another 3/4 of an inch and I will be down to the "diabetes acceptable" waistline measurement.  Not sure it is actually going to happen, but I am so close and it feels good. I am now over 4 inches closer to that measurement than when I was first diagnosed.  Thank you Lord!  My son has just emailed to say he will be phoning in a few minutes so I will spend the waiting time deciding what to make myself for dinner tonight.  My meal is going to include a treat...a bit of gin and diet tonic.  Since it tends to lower my blood sugar perhaps I can even sneak in an extra carb unit as a celebration of a very good day....perhaps.....

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