Thursday, October 30, 2014

Whaaaaa?? I Don't Understand...But Today Will Still Be a Good Day!

Using an incredible lack of far sightedness the powers that be in our little town decided earlier this week that they are not going to go along with Stars Air Ambulance's request for a two dollar per resident surcharge from the province's municipalities for the 2015 budget year.

I should freak out and say "I can't believe this!!", but unfortunately I find it frighteningly easy to believe.  The town council is going to send a letter on to explain why they don't feel a need to further supplement this life saving service through such a tiny amount charged per resident.  It would appear they will likely be one of the only towns in our area to make this decision, but time will tell if other town councils make an equally ridiculous decision that will eventually effect our quality of services despite Stars' promise, for the time being, to the contrary.

Between this cockamamie decision that, at worst would put up our residents' taxes by a miniscule amount per year, plus the administrative problems/medical politicking at our medical clinic that recently resulted in the loss of one of our best doctors after a few years of having almost no local doctor care at all, I am wondering if this is a safe place to live?  It wasn't for awhile and I thank the Lord I am not one of the people who lost life and/or quality of life through heart attack and stroke during those doctorless years, but I am stymied by this continued dedication to lack of excellence that seems to plague our town on a number of levels.

If I hear the phrases, "that's good enough" or "that's too much work" or "why would we want to do that" one more time I am going to scream!!!

On a more positive note, my husband was able to get away very early this morning for his long drive to the Archdeacons' retreat...although not a retreat from 2 days of meetings.  He was cheery, maybe because he was too tired and stunned to be otherwise after such  busy week thus far, but still it was nice to see him smiling and with colour in his face today.

He really enjoyed the Newcomers' Fair that happened at the local Elks hall last night.  He had a little booth set up for our church and quite happily and surprisingly with very short notice that we would be representing there, one of the church wardens was able to join him. They had a great time meeting all kinds of people and promoting our worship space.

The snow is holding off so far so it appears the wee ones will have a dry and hopefully safe time tomorrow trick 'n' treating.  My husband should have a safe trip home weatherwise and I pray there will be no drunk drivers on the road on what should just be a fun, if silly, night for the kids in town.  I am able to pad out our candy giving with no resentment that I am expected to contribute to the rotting of childrens' teeth: the local A&W was handing out bags of suckers at the Newcomers' Fair and gave an extra leftover one to my husband for us to hand out tomorrow night.  Yay, I get to be curmudgeonly about Halloween handouts without having to admit it to anyone but the readers of this blog! teehee

A friend from Ontario is calling me today and we always have the best chats. Her life recently was turned upside down in the most postive of ways by leaving Alberta and returning to her childhood home.

I am going to take advantage of our few degrees of warmth today and take a long walk to WallyWorld after lunch to seek out a decent 65th anniversary card for one of our church couples and hopefully find as well nice birthday cards for my mom and auntie who will turn 87 and 89 respectively next month.  

I think today will be another good day.

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