Monday, October 6, 2014

What Is Happening Outside is Not Happening Inside

This morning it is cooler and overcast once again after a couple of reasonably warm and enjoyable days.  We are to get some preciptation today, in the form of rain supposedly, but at this time of year it may be mixed with some snow.  As of last night the forecast for the rest of the week tempts me to think it is going to be warmer and dryer than today. It will be marvellous should it turn out to be true.

It is much warmer here in the house and in my heart than it is outside. I am going to enjoy some time to catch up on house chores during a couple of days on my own.

My husband, on doctor's orders, has taken his full number of days off this week and is on his way to the mountains with a friend for 2 days of camping and hiking/climbing.  I pray they have safe travel and excellent weather for the last climb of the season. Finding a good route that is not closed due to bear activity is not that easy these days as the bears munch down their final meals prior to winter hibernation.

This afternoon, regardless of the weather, I am tramping through the downed tree leaves to go over to the hospital for a diabetes class reunion meeting.  I can rejoice in my own heart because I have been one of the success stories of the diet and exercise least thus far.  What I hope to hear at class is how well everyone else has been doing with their own journey with this disease.  I feel particularly blessed because mine was caught fairly early and I received the best of care and instruction immediately upon diagnosis. Some of my fellow classmates were not so fortunate in the early months or even years after their diagnoses.  There are days after immediately receiving yet another excellent set of lab results that I can't help but wonder, "Why me??"  Why have I been so blessed to have gained at least temporary control and management of the disease when others are struggling so badly right from the outset?  Since the disease is progressive, my own more serious problems with it will eventually happen, but I am beyond grateful for this good start to keep me encouraged that it is worth obeying doctor's orders on caring for myself.

At some point after I get home, my son is planning to call me from his art studio in Vancouver.  He has so many interesting projects on the go right now, including putting together a catalogue for a show opening at the Burnaby Art Gallery later this fall.  He has spent hours choosing the paper for the catalogue, completing some new works and eyeing the space in the gallery so he can assist the curator in putting every work in just the right place.  Way to go Eli...another show!  So proud of you.  The paintings from his group show in Ottawa from the past summer are now touring other galleries and getting him some more exposure.  I am so happy for him that some of the gallery curators and art dealers are paying attention to his new style of works.  He is applying for adjunct teaching positions and hoping for something to come along in the next couple of years that will put him into the classroom as a teacher on an occasional basis.  So glad he has such a busy and fulfilling life.  It is the wish of most parents for their children.

I am feeling well physically and emotionally and mentally at the moment so that is worth rejoicing over.  Warm house and warm far it is a wonderful day.  Must run and get dressed now on my slow morning of relaxation, as the health inspector is coming for the annual inspection of our church hall kitchen.

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