Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When Are We Going to Get It?

Apparently our RCMP are moving toward creating a 50/50 gender hiring policy.  They do not want to be discriminatory in their hiring of officers to protect our citizens.  

Not being discrminatory is a fine thing.

However, to use a policy that demands hiring percentages based on gender is incredibly discriminatory. In this case it is men who will be  discrminated against.  Hiring policies based on gender are actually guilty of prolonging and bolstering the very problem the policies are supposed to be eliminating.

When are we going to understand that until gender is no longer an issue at all, AT ALL, until it is removed from the hiring equation and hiring is based on qualifications and experience only, we will not be free of gender discriminatory hiring practises??


bullwinkle said...

Not only should there be no quota system for hiring based on gender,
but no hiring quotas based on anything.
Hiring should always be merit/qualifications based, in my
humble opinion.

Susan said...

I have worked for 2 companies in times past who had quota systems, each with different criteria, but it was a fiasco in the end at both places. I can't get on the quota hiring bandwagon either.