Saturday, October 25, 2014

Whew!! Sermon Completed!

Being less than comfortable doing a sermon at the best of times, this go round has been particularly frustrating.  However, it all changed earlier this afternoon when a friend from far away called and we started discussing the particular lectionary readings I am supposed to be basing the sermon on.

One idea she mentioned stood out like a neon sign. It was the one thought I needed to bring all the ideas together for a coherent sermon that will apply very specifically to our church's present stresses.

As a result the sermon is all written up now, printed off and ready for a review this evening when I practise delivering it to my office mirror.  If nothing else, the fact that it is rather short will give me grace to be heard and perhaps some of the thoughts will even be remembered in the coming week.  There are only 2 points, they are clear, short and don't need a lot of belabouring to be understood. I was trying to unnecessarily complicate things, but the Spirit knows that simplicity is far more appropriate this week.

Thank you Lord for the guidance of your Spirit through the words of my friend.  It is yet another lesson for me in how God's people need each other and were created for community rather than solitude.


bullwinkle said...

Mine is done as well, along with
power point slides.

Whew indeed! :)

Susan said...

Ooh, good for you...AND with a powerpoint presentation to boot! I admit my husband, when he knew I was struggling to write, offered to let me show an excellent diocesan video instead, however I was more terrified of not being able to get the projector and laptop working than I was about preaching! How technologically challenged is THAT?? Certainly not a problem you will have. All the best as you do your presentation in the morning.

bullwinkle said...

Yup, sermon now spoken....
Feel like I've been squeezed through
the ringer in mom's old ringer/washer
we used to have....

Susan said...

Yup, mine has also been delivered with some degree of success apparenly...I figure if no one confronts me or throws stones then it is all good, right? hahaha
Glad you survived the pulpit and I did too. haha