Monday, December 22, 2014

A Sweet Sweet Spirit

What a great day today has been!  Apart from a rather rude awakening this morning it has been a wonderful day of happy surprises.

Right about noon the doorbell rang.  When we opened the door, there stood our friend Serge, grinning from ear to ear.  Serge used to live here and is now in full time Roman Catholic seminary training elsewhere.  His Christmas break is so tied up with other events and other people that our brief visit with him was literally all the time he had to spare while he was in town.  We are very happy that he chose to spend it with us.

Later in the afternoon the doorbell rang once again.  Standing at our door was my husband's "second mom" and "little brother" from many years ago in another time and place.  What a thrill to have them drop in to visit on their way elsewhere.  We were so excited to see them and share a cup of tea, snacks and a wonderful, newsy, relaxed, fun visit.

Tomorrow morning a good friend of mine from south of here is coming for morning tea while my husband does a communion service for our elderly parishioners who now live in the nursing home.  In the afternoon he will go to the other seniors' manor to visit two dear ladies who are no longer capable of getting to church.  If no more surprise visits are happening here at the rectory I will go with him.

In between visits I was going over some financial projections for next year and feeling quite encouraged by my is amazing how much easier things will be now that the student loans are paid off.  I am praying for some kind of huge miracle to happen for my son in the next couple of years.  He is only in his 30's but has so many government loans to repay he will be in his 60's before he is finished. 

Speaking of the son, he is incredibly happy in New York City.  He has his first full time "job" (no pay but working 60 hours a week is still a job) ever in his life and is not sure how he is going to have time to do his own paintings over the next 5 months.  However, I think the break will be good for his creativity and the way he organizes his works. He has a huge body of work right now and can take a few months to do other things in his field.  However, I know him well enough to know he will never last that long without putting brush to canvas.  He has been an artist in training since he was a tiny young fellow.

Good news from family and surprise visits from old friends....the joy of the Christmas season.

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