Thursday, December 11, 2014

Escandon vs Cave: boxing corruption rears its ugly head...AGAIN!

I am disgusted once again at the blatant corruption running rampant in the otherwise fascinating sport of professional boxing.  Tonight it was the split decision of the judges'  score cards favouring Escandon over Cave....a 2 card to 1 decision in favour of Columbian Escandon over Canadian Cave despite Cave's obvious win of at least 8 of the 12 rounds.  I was too angry to bother watching the evening's heavy weight main event.  

So was there Columbian drug cartel money involved in tonight's decision or what?

There are so few real investigations into this type of corruption in boxing. Why is that? It has been this way for decades. Tonight's bout was a prime example of what the sport of professional boxing has allowed to take place time after time, year after year.  My only way of protesting is to refuse to watch it, refuse to support the telecasts on HBO and TSN.  That won't accomplish much as far as routing out corruption.  There wouldn't ever be sufficient numbers of fans withdrawing their money for tickets to live events, or sufficient pressure put on advertisers from the televised bouts to cause the necessary changes to occur.

It is a very sad state of affairs all the way around. Tonight, not even the sports commentary and analysis by my favourite Teddy Atlas was enough to motivate me to watch the main event I had been looking forward to.

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