Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fun in NYC!

Our son finally has a phone number in NYC and tonight we made good use of it.  We had a wonderful chat about his life there and the very hard work of his apprenticeship, his amazing social life and what he is learning about working and living Stateside.  Just hearing the deep joy of his heart coming through his voice made us feel even better about his choice to leave.

This year he will be able to participate in an annual Christmas Day custom of many of his friends in the Jewish community: going out for Chinese food.  He sent us a photo of a poster in one of the restaurant windows.  It is a great poster and features the yin/yang symbol in one corner and a Star of David in the other.  

"The Chinese Rest. Assoc. of the United States would like to extend our thanks to The Jewish People.  We do not completely understand your dietary customs...But we are proud and grateful that your GOD insist you eat our food on Christmas."

Isn't that great??

My husband and I have often observed that same Chinese food tradition on Christmas and/or New Years Eve.  In the various small towns we have lived over the years it has usually been only the Chinese diners that have been open on the holidays.  We have had some rather spectacular meals at those times. Often we were the only people or next to the only people in the places so the service was excellent and the cooks outdid themselves to serve their freshly prepared and cooked very best.  

Lots of good memories.....thank you son.......AND we are so happy that you are so happy!!

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Jo Anne said...

Interesting post Sue.

Our Japanese tutor tells us that they celebrate Christmas in Japan by eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Our world is getting smaller every day!