Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy/Sad Today

Our son leaves tomorrow for his apprenticeship in the USA.  Today will be our last phone call before he flies south.

I am beyond delighted for his opportunity to further his career and for his chance to live somewhere else for awhile, making new contacts and learning more amazing art techniques in his city of choice.

I am also just barely holding my emotions together.  The weekend was spent hibernating quite happily and not spending a lot of time thinking about what this particular apprenticeship is going to mean for our future as a family, but today it is hitting me.

However, this morning I read an article in a national newspaper about one of the families in our archdeaconry who have lost 3 young sons over the past few years to farm accidents. Their family is suffering great devastation from the grief, the father unable to face living on the farm any more, feeling responsible, the mom has stayed on the farm to harvest the last crop her young sons planted before 2 of them died earlier this year.

As I read about what their family is going through it reminds me that my son is only moving to the USA.  He is still alive and forging a wonderful career and life for himself, an opportunity the other family will not experience with 3 of their children.

Perspective is a wonderful gift when the temptation arises to give in to more grief than is necessary.

All I am going to need is to hear from my son, once he has arrived is settled into his new city, that he is happy and busy and my own upset at the distance between us will dissolve immediately.  I know that much about myself.

I will continue my hibernation from the rest of the world for the rest of today.  It is my husband's badly needed day off today after his intensely cold drive out of town for work yesterday and we like to hide out and just be together on those days whenever we can be.  It is what I love most about Mondays....time with  my husband away from all the other stresses of life, time to regroup, today some time to have a bit of grieving together and a chance to dream some dreams of our own.


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