Friday, December 5, 2014

It's One Fog Fest Out There!

It is almost 7pm.  It has been foggy here since sometime very early this morning and there has been no let up to it all day.  My husband has just left for a 2 hour drive in it and will likely have to face somewhere between 3 and 8 hours in it again tomorrow as he picks his way across this side of the Diocese for archdeaconry meetings with the Bishop and other archdeacons and lay representatives.

If he hadn't left this evening he would be facing a nearly 10 hour round trip tomorrow on top of the 6 hours of meetings.  In this weather, with fog and possible snow to contend with as the warm front struggles to arrive from the west, he would not be in suitable condition by Sunday  morning to be up and travelling again at our usual 8am leaving time.  He would also be facing being on the road before 5 am tomorrow to pick up the other person he is car pooling with.  This way he gets an extra 90 minutes of sleep to start his day.  He needs it as he is not an early morning kind of fellow.

This fog seems to be blanketing most of the province this evening with no forecast of it lifting before morning, so I can only pray that everyone who has to travel tomorrow will be able to make their own long drives in tomorrow's fog safely and happily.

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