Monday, December 8, 2014

Lost in ipad Land!

I have finally recovered my equilibrium after the weekend shrike attack on our songbirds.  Perhaps it has moved on to other territory.  Today the smaller birds returned to the feeders and Debby Hairy was fairly quiet...well, quiet for HER! haha  One of the orange cats entered the back yard today but as soon as he saw me standing at the patio door he fled for home.  That is all it takes now to get him out of the yard.  The birds here are fairly cat savvy anyway and he has little luck catching them.  Since this morning there have been visits to the feeders from all our woodpeckers, junkos and nuthatches so I am thinking the shrike must have eaten a sparrow.  Poor little thing........

Sunday was a wonderful day. Both church services went well and my husband's sermons were superb in content and in connection with the congregations.  Late in the afternoon we returned to our other town and congregation to parttake of their Christmas potluck dinner.  The variety of  foods and desserts was rather spectacular, even more so than usual and that is saying a lot because the regular potlucks are pretty darned amazing!  2 congregations who put on great potlucks....does it get any better than that for a priest and his wife??

The fellowship last night was very sweet, with some community members in attendance as well as the congregation.  It is such a welcoming church.  Newcomers and guests are welcome to bring unasked for foods, to help in the kitchen and to participate in all aspects of the evening.  There is no fussing if some type of food arrives that doesn't quite "fit" someone's vision of what the meal is all about. Last night was no exception.

At the end of the evening's fellowship my husband and I were presented with a special gift from the congregation: our very first ipad.  This group is determined to bring my husband and I into the modern age of technology. hahaha  The ipad will be able to be interconnected with the new iphone the congregation is using now that they have nixed their old land lines, so that will be useful in assisting my husband to better track his schedule for work committments.  What a precious expression of their concern for their priest.  It was an honour to accept it.

We are total ignoramuses when it comes to ipads.  BUT we gamely charged it up when we arrived home last night and decided we should at least get it set up for basic use.  One of the ladies who wanted us to have this gift told me that it isn't possible to mess up this machine to the point of needing a tech to fix it, the way I so regularly have messed up my Windows 7 programme to the point where I can't fix it myself.  She sounded so sure....and I believed her! hahahaha  We found the set up page right away and looked at all the languages it offered us.  I tapped on the English (UK) possibility and the instruction was to swipe across it to go to the next step of set up.  So, I did that.

Up came the next page and the audio voice....all in Chinese!!!!  Wha?????  I KNOW I didn't accidentally tap anything else on the language page with the palm of my hand...or my elbow...or my nose...or any other part of my anatomy!!  My husband managed, after a few attempts, to get us back to the original language set up page and we tapped the English (UK) once again.  On to the second page we went again....and again it was all in Chinese.  hahahahahahahaha  He tried several times again today to revert to English (UK) but the ipad is apparently enthralled with doing its work  in Chinese, so for now we are hooped. hahaha  He had no time to fool around with the thing today so will try again tomorrow.  A friend from AB sent us some good links to the manuals for ipads and we will attempt to utilize them tomorrow.  If that fails he will take the ipad with him when he goes back to the other town in a couple of days' time when he has a regular work day there.  He will try to track down one of the people who was involved in the purchase of the ipad and who knows how to make the thing work and plead for their help. Hilarious!!

HOWEVER: from our first night with the ipad we have learned how to say "hello" and "swipe here for set up" in 25 different languages!!  How cool is that, eh?????  hahahahahahahahahaha

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