Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Newspaper Error Hilarity

Just finished reading our local weekly newspaper and got quite a chuckle out of an error in one of the articles.  Not sure if the writer of the article was directly to blame due to not knowing the correct word to use, or if the error is a result of the writer putting too much trust into the spell checker on a computer, but the result is very funny either way.

How cute is this??

The article talks about a business owner who is retiring and turning the business over to someone else. According to the article, "...the two have worked TEDIOUSLY together...".

hahahaha  Seriously?  Tediously??  hahahaha

Could the correct word have perhaps been "tirelessly"?

When I look at some of the blunders I have made when typing up this blog or sending emails it amazes me there aren't more such errors popping up even among professional journalists.  

This one has to be one of the cutest though.  Lots of chuckles brightened my day when I read it.

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