Thursday, December 25, 2014

No Road Trip Today After All

We made a decision this morning to delay our trip to see our families by one day.  It is Christmas Day today and we are exhausted. Extra church services (so good), extra visiting in the parish (so so good), extra stresses in our personal lives and in our extended families (bad and good) have all combined to drain us dry. 

We are grateful today for the option to just stay home and do absolutely nothing...for an entire day...not one committment do we have, not even for my very busy husband.  He is sprawled on the living room sofa in his shorts and a hoodie,  the tv is on and he is looking at the guide to find out when the Queen's Speech will be televised.  I don't remember the last time I saw him this relaxed at 9am.  

The closest thing to a stress today is that we are more or less out of food that I can eat because of thinking we were going to be away all ready, coupled with the complete absence of any grocery stores open for business in our little town on Christmas Day.  However, I am quite happy to eat whole wheat cracker sandwiches stuffed with tomato slices on the edge of turning soft and fuzzy, with a few prunes and the last bit of now vaguely blue yogurt I thought I was going to have to throw away.  I have some meat to thaw and some sugar free (delicious!!) See's peanut brittle from California that a dear parishioner gave us for Christmas.  My husband can drink eggnog and leave the remaining milk for me.  Camping out in our own home seems quite a thrilling way to spend Christmas Day this year. there any joy more complete than finding yourself with an unexpected day off to do anything you want...or nothing at all??!


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