Monday, December 1, 2014

Question For The Day

Is there any experience more frustrating, more demeaning, more upsetting, more anger inducing, more challenging, than being treated like an idiot by someone who is even more of an idiot than yourself??

And no, you don't need to send me your answers...........


bullwinkle said...

This is why I refuse to shop at a certain store (who’s initials are LD).
Because every time I make the mistake of venturing into their computer
department to ask for something, I am treating like a complete total
idiot, yet I generally have more computer knowledge than everyone in their
local department combined.


Susan said...

Yup, LD is the worst. When I am asked to rate stores in surveys it is near the bottom of the list every time. They sell crap, have lousy untrained and insufficient staff and we have purchased more than one "lemon" electronic item there in times past. We refuse to darken their door any more.