Saturday, December 6, 2014

Seeing God's Hand in the Little Details

I am not one of those people who sees God's purpose and hand in every single detail of life.  Constant anaylsis as to what God is or isn't doing in every moment of the day is, besides being completely exhausting, rather pointless to me because I believe we are never going to be able to completely discern his work even at the most obvious times of his involvement in our lives. I think I have a lot of biblical support for that as I read about the lives of the people recorded there.

Yesterday I do think I saw a glimpse of his ability to work out the details of life in a way that made both our lives smoother and easier to deal with, at a time when even a little less stress is very much appreciated.

Due to a last minute change of plans for some of the people my husband was going to carpool with to today's meetings, he discovered he had more room in our car.  He asked me if I would like to go along for the ride, get the chance to stay in the motel overnight and then have a day iin the city to amuse myself, maybe locate a friend of two to have lunch with and just enjoy a day away instead of sitting at home alone again.

Those of you know know me know that I almost never turn down any sort of spontaneous invitation of any kind, certainly not one that gets me out for a road trip.  However, I never once considered his offer.  I had such peace about staying home today to do mundane chores and vegetate.  You know how sometimes you know that you know that you know that some particular course of action is the right one because the peace you have about it is so deep and unquestionable?  That is how I felt about staying home last night and today.

My husband was disappointed but when he realized that my sleep and meal times would be badly disrupted by his necessary schedule today, a day before I have an unusual number of responsibilities at church the following morning that I need to be bright for, he agreed it was probably best.  I simply didn't have time to prepare the necessary foods or replan my schedule as he was leaving so soon after his offer.

Well, all this to say that when he phoned last night to let me know he had arrived at the motel safely, had battled through the fog and won, he was chuckling at how God must have been the one letting me know I shouldn't go with him.  

The old motel is dank and musty and filled with air fresheners.  I am SO allergic to air freshners I rarely last more than 20 minutes when exposed.  My husband said this scent was pungent, overwhelming and he was going to be happy if he himself, who has no asthma or other respiratory allergies, could last until morning there.  

What a fiasco it would have been had I gone along.  The motel is in the town where he is to meet his remaining car pool folk this morning.  It is the only place to stay in that place. It is not close enough to any other towns that have accommodation that we could have gone elsewhere for the night and then returned in the morning for pick up without losing all the time my husband gained by leaving home the night before.  I would have felt just terrible about a condition I can't help having, he would have been exhausted and stressed, we would have had to double back on foggy roads that are this morning coated with a layer of frozen rain....yuck!

So, it may or may not have been God's direct intervention that prevented this day from being even more of a chore for my husband than it all ready is, but that incredible peace I had about staying home indicates to me that he likely did give me the discernment and wisdom to stay home for both our sakes.  That "peace that passes all understanding" was in full operation yesteday.  ME! Turning down any road trip, no matter how last minute, without even attempting to arrange things for my meals etc....well, it just doesn't happen.  I am pretty sure I had a bit of help in making the decision I made. My husband is having a better day as a result.  

Thank you Lord.

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