Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shake It, Shake It, Baby!!

I have just returned inside after stepping out on the deck for a couple of minutes with the intention of shaking down some more bird seed mixture into one of the feeders.

Oh, I shook it all right!  I shook it so hard that the top pail holding the seeds began to separate from the tube feeder below and I showered myself with seeds of all kinds.  They were in my newly cut and coiffed hair, pasted to my forehead, cheeks and glasses and firmly adhered to my corduroy pantsuit.

So much for the freshly coiffed hair: it is now plastered to my head after a hot shower to remove the seeds and bits of powdered old shells etc. that rained down upon me. Trying to brush those little bits off corduroy was an exercise in frustration so the suit is now in the washing machine.  

Hahahaha....just when I thought the brain fuzz from yesterday had disappeared completely....hahahaha!  

Now I have to take the vaccum and clean from the patio door, through the living room, the office, my bedroom and the bathroom floor to pick up all the seeds and bits of "stuff".  It is going to take awhile so I think I will just step carefully around and over the mess to get back to the kitchen and make my dinner first.  

Hey, at least I know how I will be spending what would otherwise be a slow and boring evening around here.  Work, work, work!  It will put me a day ahead on my cleaning schedule, plus work is always good for the body and mind.

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