Monday, December 1, 2014

The Awaited Phone Call Came This Evening

I can relax now.  Our son called tonight and left us some work contact information, an address for where he will spend his first month in NYC and confirmed he had prepared some of the things he needed to prepare before leaving in the morning.  Praying he has no trouble with customs and immigration as everything else has gone so smoothly.  

One of the relaxing elements of the chat is that he has all ready arranged to meet one of his good friends for dinner as soon as his plane lands.  We know this fellow and are so thrilled he is excited enough to see our son as to make social arrangements immediately.  We rehearsed a list of the people our son knows there and how many social engagements have all ready been set up with and for him.  Hearing the excitement in his voice on the phone tonight was encouraging.

Now I am ready to let go and just completely enjoy what my son is doing with his career right now.  It has been so easy with him in Vancouver, so easy to get together a couple of times a year, so easy to accept his loving care of us during a difficult time in our lives over the past year.  

I have felt the change coming for several months now, known this idyllic time in our immediate family was coming to an end, changing, evolving, and for some reason I wasn't ready for it to happen.

Now that it actually is, I know It is going to be all right.  We can stand on our own two feet again without the added support of our son's input so often.  Now that we have had our last chat before he leaves, we are both ready to let him be his own person again, fulfilling that to which he has been called.

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