Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Day of the Fuzzy Head!!

This morning I had a few problems that I brought upon myself due to being distracted, tired and generally not on this planet. I have had too much on my mind lately...problems that are not for me to solve and yet weigh heavily sometimes, my son leaving the country, concern for some new health issues afflicting my parents, etc.  Mornings like this, whole days....weeks even....were common for me for a couple of years before my husband gave up carpentry and we moved to Tokyo.  The depression and stress and disaster that accompanied our daily life back then destroyed my ability to think, plan and act in any sort of normal manner.  There was one fiasco after another and I didn't cope well.

This morning was like a return to that time.  It was just ridiculous.   I had to go grocery shopping and do some banking, mail some letters etc. Simple enough types of daily chores, right?  Well....not today.

I changed purses and headed out at about 10am.  Things seemed to be going okay until I actually started shopping at the grocery store.  Half way through the shopping I found an item I wanted to call my husband about to ask if he would like me to buy it for him.  This was the beginning of the stupidity that would haunt me for the rest of the morning.  I turned on my cell phone, dialed home and a recording came on to inform me I had not topped up my cell phone in time.  My service had been suspended and my minutes had not carried over...expected loss of $114. Sigh..... The worst part of it, this being the first time in 8 years that I have forgotten to top up my cell phone minutes, was that my phone had expired way back on November 21.  Now I know what the chicken scratch writing was all about on my calendar for that date...the chicken scratch reminder I couldn't make sense of. Sigh......

Back into my purse went my now useless cell phone and I carried on with my shopping.  Next idiocy was that I requested and paid for too many bags to pack my groceries in.  Duh, waste of money and the last thing I need at home are more plastic bags, especially since our province is preparing to possibly outlaw all plastic bags in the very near future.  

I put the groceries in the trunk of the car, slammed the lid down, then noticed that the dish detergent bottle had fallen out of one of the bags,and was sitting upright in the shopping cart,  so I tossed it into the back seat of the car and sprinted with the cart back into the store to return it to the indoor cart corral.  These carts are the kind that you have to put a dollar coin into in order to release each cart from the other carts and it was a long way from where my car was parked to the closest outside cart collection, whereas the store, where there had been a collection space filled with carts on the way in, was only a few feet away.  When I got it back into the store I discovered what had been a nearly full collection space was now completely empty, not one cart left to attach my cart to and get my money back out. Sigh...back to the parking lot and slithering across the ice to the farthest away collection site to return the cart and retrieve my coin.  Despite a warmer day today I was shivering by the time I got back into my car to drive downtown.  Oh no, wait a minute, I couldn't drive away yet.  I needed to get a phone card for my depleted cell phone.  Out of the car, back into the store to search for a phone card for my phone plan that is specific to that particular grocery store.  Of course the store was out of cards for my plan...OF COURSE!!  DRAT! Back to the car and then a drive across the icy lot to their gasoline station where I was able to get a phone card...in fact I got 2 of them to make sure I would have a couple of months worth of service.

On the way downtown...finally...I had a flash memory of the detergent bottle sitting in that exact spot in the grocery cart when I first took it off the shelves.  After thinking about it all the way to the post office, I realized it probably hadn't fallen out of one of the grocery bags after I bagged it.  I realized I had no memory of bagging it at all.  In other words, neither myself nor the cashier fellow noticed I hadn't removed it from the cart in the first place, nor placed it on the conveyer belt for the cashier to pick it up and scan the price.  DOUBLE DRAT!  I would have to return to the store to pay for it.  Downtown I found a place to park while I hoofed it into another grocery for a loaf of my favourite bread, (and where I also spilled nearly seven dollars in change from my wallet, mostly dimes, all over the cashier's counter...waaaaaahhhh!!!), down the street to the post office where I realized I didn't have the letter I needed to mail....it was probably sitting on my desk from when I changed purses and forgot to put it into the new purse.  TRIPLE DRAT!!

From the post office I walked a couple of blocks to the bank, only to discover that the cheque I needed to deposit was not in my purse either.  It was back at home with the forgotten letter!  QUADRUPLE DRAT!!!  Aaaaaaargh!!!!!

Back to the car.  I had to go home before returning to the first grocery store so I could unpack and refrigerate some dairy and meat products, plus it would give me a chance to just make sure I was right that I had not paid for the dish detergent.  Oh, I was right about that all right....AND I also discovered I had been charged for an extra package of meat I hadn't purchased. The cashier had double scanned one of the packs.  Aaaaaaaaargh!!!

I located the missing letter and cheque at home, got back into the car and started my rounds all over again.  Fortunately there was a different, extremely competent and very friendly cashier on the till when I arrived. She graciously refunded the difference between the meat money and the dish detergent.  Back to the post office to mail my letter and then back to the bank to deposit my cheque....oh, and to take out the cash I should have taken out the first time there that I forgot about in my upset over having forgotten to bring the cheque.

I returned home with barely enough time to get lunch made and ready for my husband to eat before he had to go to the dentist.  He would have quite happily made his own lunch but he was very busy trying to complete an article for publication before he went and I wanted him to get it done so he would have his afternoon free.  He ended up working for more than half a day on both his days off this week as it was.

We decided to go out for dinner this evening.  He was recovered from his dental work and I from my morning of fuzzy headed distress, but I was still afraid to use the stove....just in case I wasn't as clear headed again as I thought I was.

I am so grateful that days like this are rare now. When I think back to that 2 years of being this discombobulated every day, all day, I wonder how I ever coped at all.  Depression and stress do terrible things to my mind and I am so grateful there has been no sign of returning to that dreadful state of affairs.  Tonight I could look back and laugh about my silly morning because I know it will not be repeated tomorrow.  Today it was a lot funnier than it was when it was a chronic state of affairs.

We will see what tomorrow brings.....never a dull moment around here for me! AND you have to see the humour in a morning like this, right? hohoho!!

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