Saturday, December 27, 2014


My husband's sister is a gourmet cook.  We are about to start day three at her house having a belated Christmas celebration.  It is wonderful but we have all eaten too darned much fabulous food!  TOO MUCH, I tell you!!

We have eaten too much tourtiere with puffy buns, too much turkey, too much yam stuffing with chipotle peppers and sausage, too many brussel sprouts in egg yolks and cream, too many "grandma's recipe" bran muffins, too many bowls of spinach salad with grapes and red/green peppers and raspberry vinegrette, too much cole slaw, too many scoops of creamy whipped potatoes with red wine gravy, too much pumpkin pie and whipping cream, too much carrot cake with cream cheese icing and definitely FAR TOO MUCH trifle!!!!!

Slurp, urp, burp....may the Lord protect my rising blood sugar (although it hasn't been too bad considering the number of cheats I have eaten in the past 2 days...thank you God for exercise!)

This is definitely turning into a Christmas to remember...particularly for my newly expanding tummy!!!  The wonders of the Christmas season have taken on a new meaning this year, that is for sure!!  

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