Monday, December 22, 2014

Torn Between a Smidgen of Anger and an Overdose of the Giggles

Today is one of my husband's days off work. Since he won't be able to take his other regular day off tomorrow due to the busyness of the season, today was to be the day for the big sleep in and relaxing morning.


Guess it wasn't meant to be.  We woke up at 7:30am to the shrilling of the phone.  Our line has a fancy ring for long distance calls and when you receive one of those at that time of morning you can safely assume it is a family crisis, the illness or death of a parishioner, or an over eager office assistant at a medical clinic reminding one of us of the next day's appointment.

Today it was none of those things.  It was one of the scam telemarketers, based in India, trying to tell us there is a problem with our computer.  I knew as soon as I answered and the dear fellow on the other end of the line wasn't sure whether I was Mrs. Anglican or Mrs. Rectory.  OOO, how I wish our home was not listed as "Anglican Rectory" right under the name of the church!  Some of the marketing calls we get, from people who don't know the rectory is not a business and that Anglican Rectory is not our family name, are quite hilarious.

Today the man on the phone called himself Sam.  He has called so often I am able to immediately recognize his voice.  Over the past year he has been George and Stan and Bill and Bob and Jason.  

I was not impressed that he called at that time of the morning and woke us up and I told him so.  Wondering what time he would grace us with another call on another day, I hung up the phone feeling incredibly ticked off because its ringing also caused my husband to wake up and come stumbling out wearing his "Oh no, what new emergency has arisen?" look on his bleary eyed face.

However, as he lurched off back to bed after I assured him there was no cause for alarm, I was suddenly struck by a fit of the giggles.  Sam, or whoever he really is, has the sweetest East Indian accent I have ever heard.  All the cuddly, heart warming connotations of the word "cute" apply in this case.  I do love the lilting accents of India but Sam's is particularly endearing.  As I thought about it I forgave him for his blunder in attempting to scam us so early in the morning and toddled back to bed as well after downing a bit of breakfast.

I wasn't in bed more than just long enough to fall into a deep sleep when the sound of machinery moving outside my window startled me instantly awake again.  What on earth sounded like it was coming right through the front door???

Well, I got the giggles again because it was a faithful parishioner outside clearing our sidewalks and the church parking lot with his favourite "toy".  He has a marvellous little tractor unit with a good big blade on it for clearing the snow.  Nearly 10 cm of snow fell last night and he has just saved us a tremendous amount of work by clearing it for us this morning.  Bless his heart!!  He cleared the snow right up to our front door and I have no shovelling whatsoever to do this morning.  What an incredible gift for Christmas week!  

I have given up trying to sleep now and will get on with my own very busy day.  Fortunately I was able to utilize some free time yesterday afternoon to get a few little gifts for the family and get them wrapped to go in a few days' time when we go visiting.  Today there are arrangements to be finalized for a trip to the northern part of our parish tomorrow so we can have a communion service with elderly parishioners there.  My husband will be on his own for that trip. I am staying home to enjoy an unexpected visit with a good friend from AB who will be in town in the morning.  It is all good.

Then comes an equally busy Christmas Eve day and eve.  Then hopefully the weather and roads will be such that we can leave on Christmas Day for the family visits. From my mouth to God's ear!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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