Saturday, December 13, 2014

Unbelievable Ice

On days like today it is a wonder anyone has the courage to leave the safety of their own houses to venture out into a world of ice, ice and more ice.

In the past 2 days I have used an entire bag of ice melt and another of kitty litter in an attempt to melt the ice outside our house but it has all been for nought.

The ice melt barely worked on the icy sidewalks and what little bit of surface melt was achieved froze again overnight. Today it is like I didn't put anything on it at all. You would never guess anything had been done.  We haven't seen bare sidewalk in several days.  I am so grateful that cat litter at least gives some footing to any pedestrians either foolish enough or unfortunate enough to be out there risking their brittle bones.

There are no bumps, knobs or ruts in any of this ice any more.  It is all one smooth glassy surface covering every street and sidewalk in town.  There is very little snow left anywhere.  Unlike the chinooks in Alberta, melts here are not accompanied by the same strong winds to dry up the puddles as they form.  When I went to the clinic yesterday the parking lot was so dangerous for walking that I actually parked illegally to be close to the door and exited and re-entered my car through the passenger door to be close to the sidewalk that had been cleared by the maintenance fellow.  I decided it was worth getting a hefty fine if it meant less risk for falling down.  (Fortunately I didn't get a ticket after all)

I could rant and rave and rail against the hospital and the clinic and all the home owners here who do nothing to eliminate the ice from their properties, but really they understand this type of ice far better than I do. I too could have saved myself a lot of time, effort and money investing in attempting to melt the ice.  Finally I understand the complete lack of effort put into ice clearing by the rest of the people in this town:  it simply isn't possible to clear it.  Period!  End of discussion!  No way! No How!!

All my neighbours knew that all ready, and now I do too!! 

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