Monday, December 15, 2014

Vague Monday Musings...Coherent and Otherwise

Why do catered turkey dinners with "all the fixings" taste so much better and leave me feeling far more satisfied after the meal, no matter how simple, than the ones I prepare myself?  It isn't just that I don't have to do the work to prepare or the clean up afterward.  I think it is more because if a dinner is catered it naturally implies there are other friends to share the time of feasting with.  Our one church's dinner this past weekend was like that.  I was surrounded by parishioners for more than the opening Eucharist service.  We ate and drank and visited together around a variety of topics.  The turkey was cooked to perfection.  The fellowship was top notch.  It was a grand evening.

Most Frightening T-shirt Slogan Ever:

"Dead rats don't squeal!"  

(Eeewwww...too scary on several levels, particularly after spending so many years doing jail ministries.)

Favourite T-shirt Slogan of the Moment:

"Is it getting solipsistic in here or is it just me?"

Is professional boxing actually a sport?

Travelling to our other church early on Sunday morning on 60 kilometers of solid ice covered in blowing snow was a terrifying one hour journey. It reminded my husband of the Calgary Olympic Park luge track that he went hurtling down a number of years ago. 90 minutes later we began the return trip, after the county had blown fertilizer based ice melt onto the roads.  There was no more ice, just deep puddles we could fly along through, ending up at home in half the time it took us to get there.  For us that kind of fast melt is a near miracle.  Do I want to take some time today to research how that particular kind of ice melt works?

I am wondering about the validity of the aspect of Newtonian scientific theory that has left us dealing with the idea that molecules (physical mass) are the basic structures that cause movement and change and that energies are the "additives", the smaller content, the less than central cause and effect of life, so to speak.  I am wondering if instead I see more sense in the theory that energies are not the "icing on the cake" but the actual centre of science.  It seems that the energies move the molecules more than the other way around.  The common question is, "when you look in the mirror what do you see?" but should the complemetary question be "who is doing the looking?"  Subsequently I am becoming more interested in the work of Gottfried Leibniz. There is a  vastly simplified explanation of some of his work in a little book titled, "Death of the Soul: from Descartes to the computer" by William Barrett. (Anchor Press, New York, 1987.)  It introduced me to Leibniz' ideas and got me doing a bit of research.  If molecules are the central aspect of life then where do emotions and feelings come from and why do they so often motivate "movement" in directions that "mere" molecules do not lead us?

3 day road trip coming up this week.  Am I ready to travel once again into the maze of terrible diners and cheap motels that flourish on the prairies?  Do I treat us to a proper hotel in the city when we head out for Christmas celebrations with my parents or do I cheap out in protest against the exorbitant rates and to save some money for the new year?  I don't enjoy B&B's.  I don't enjoy short term house sits over holiday times because I live in fear of damaging someone's personal furnishings.  Musing: why am I so picky about accommodation in the first place?  I have a medical reason for concern about meals, but since I am barely in any hotel room long enough to even get a decent night's sleep, why does it matter so much where we stay for a few short days?

Am I mentally, emotionally or physically tired today? Let's see...which one shall it be?

Am I prepared today to be surprised by joy? To rejoice? 

Is it time to go outside and shovel yesterday's snow fall off the ice coated sidewalks and pour out another bag of apparently useless ice melt? Do I just put cat litter once again on the soon to be exposed ice cover and pray no one falls down as they walk past? 

Why am I blessed with such good friends around the world?  How can I be a better friend in return?  

Why am I still sitting here musing and scribbling when there is work to be done???? (see previous "orange" font!) 



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