Saturday, December 20, 2014

Where Does the Time Go????

I don't care what the laws of science, reality or truth as we know it tell us, time definitely sped up during this year's Advent and Christmas seasons!!!

Only a day or two ago we were watching the first snow and ice storms while contemplating plans for the holiday season, for the special Advent and Christmas services at church, for arranging visits with family between Christmas and New Years Days.  And now, today, there are only 3 or 4 days left before all those plans have to be in place and will be happening!

We haven't moved the pews in one of our churches back where they belong to accommodate Christmas Eve visitors after attempting a new configuation for our regular worshippers.

We haven't set things up properly in the worship space for the lady who wants to get the decorating done before Christmas Eve.

We haven't yet printed off the  Advent 4 liturgy for the lighting of the Advent candles at church tomorrow morning.

We haven't yet arranged the Christmas Communion service at the nursing home in the next town north of here that is supposed to be happening in 3 days time.

We haven't booked our hotel rooms for next week's visits to the family.

I haven't cleaned out the refrigerator yet of perishables that must be used up before we leave.

The laundry is more than a week behind schedule. 

I have no gifts, nibblies, wee gifties nor specialty gourmet products prepared to take to our families next week.

We don't know yet who is taking the services in our absence next Sunday.


I don't remember this season creeping up this quickly on us in times past and us being quite this disorganized.  People in urban parishes would be horrified if everything was left to the last minute the way it has been here this year, but in rural dual parishes that is how it goes sometimes; it is just life.

This year the compaction of time has been just eerie!!

I don't care what anyone says:  there were less days this year between the first of November and the end of December than there were last year.  Absolutely true!! Who's with me??

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