Tuesday, December 9, 2014

With Sincere Apologies to Martin Luther King Jr.

This morning we decided to check out my husband's student loan payment situation.  This month's payment amount of one of his loans was much lower than it has been in the past and it was suggested to us that perhaps it was because that was his last payment on it.  Sure enough!  One provincial student loan paid in full!!  Hallelujah!!

We decided it was time to check out the status of his national loan as well and see how much longer we would have to pay on it.  When the loan was taken out originally, the Bank of Canada interest rates were much higher than they have been in more recent years and with a floating interest payment it turns out we paid off far more on the principle of both loans than we would have by now had the interest rates not changed so drastically.

When my husband checked the website and then confirmed with a phone call that we had so little left to pay on that national loan, we both got pretty excited.  I checked our bank balance, did a bit of calculating, then raced downtown to pay off the rest of that loan as well.  

What an unexpected treat, pleasure, joy, thrill, elation....you name it and the feeling encompasses all things good!!!  Whoopeeeeeeeee!!!  For only the second time in our lives we are debt free.  During our marriage we have paid off 4 student loans, 3 work related loans, 2 car loans and a mortgage.  What a fantastic relief to be free of the whole debt.

Debt free at last, debt free at last!
Thank God all mighty, debt free at last!!


Ron Baker said...

Wow! What a special feeling. To owe no one anything is a mountain top to strive for - enjoy the view!!

Susan said...

Thank you Ron. We are very excited by this unexpected "gift". Life will be much easier on a month to month basis now. Perhaps we can start using our monthly car allowance for our CAR! hahaha Hope all is well with you and your family and your amazing ministry.

chris e. said...

Ah, how I feel your joy!!! Long may your debt free status last!