Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Nearly Perfect Sunday Excursion

For me a day like today is near perfection.  The sun shone ALL day and the temperature rose to a springlike (finally!) +12C.  The snow is nearly gone, other than the remaining piles created by shovelling and bobcat work earlier in the winter.  The highways are clear and dry.

So, I headed out to Moose Jaw to church early this morning.  It was so much fun to be there and to be able to sing in the choir for Palm Sunday service.  Marching around outside the church singing Hosannas, singing the familiar Palm Sunday service hymns, being with good friends in Christ.  It was a wonderful morning in every way.

Had a late lunch with my good friend Patty.  After being away from here for 5 years is there anything more satisfying than getting together with best friends and sisters and brothers in the Lord that I have known for so many years? Nope, nothing quite compares.

Driving back and forth on dry highways was such a blessing....although I have to say that the condition of the TransCanada here is not very great.  The potholes are getting bigger, there are a lot of "wavy" sections that throw my car around and the general condition of the pavement is deteriorating rapidly.  Too much ice combined with too many large trucking rigs all winter are wreaking havoc on the highways across Canada.

After seeing the horrendous hog wallow sized pot holes on the Moose Jaw streets I will no longer complain about the comparatively teensy weensy pot holes that comprise most of the streets immediately around our housing development.  O for shame Moose Jaw, o for shame!!!

It has been a grand day and now I can relax here at home while I wait for my husband to return from our former parish.  I do hope it went well and that there were good vibes between our parish members and the candidate for possible new priest that went up there with my husband.  I would so like to see the parish really growing and thriving once again. The leg work has been done. Old hurts have been healed for many people.  The people deserve someone who has a true love for them and a heart to see their parish thrive now that they are ready to receive new people into the flock.

Time for dinner.......salmon steak...YES!

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