Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BINGO!! I Have a Doctor!!!

This afternoon I trudged 5 blocks through the teeming snow and over the slush and ice to have a meet and greet with a lovely doctor that I am very comfortable with.  What a relief. She was interested in my medical history, glad I have kept up with my lab tests in the absence of a local doctor, more than willing to take me on as a patient and very willing to keep my lab work and physical exams on my present schedule.  I am so grateful and so happy that my wandering through the snowy wilderness was worth it.

My new doctor is from Bangladesh, got her medical training in South Africa (usually a VERY good sign) and has been in Regina for the past 8 years, seems to like it and plans to stay for awhile.  All good news.

The relief is intense.  Thank you Lord for an apparently good doctor who is so willing to have me and who actually looked at my history before deciding to take me.  I showed up in her office looking like a drowned rat, fuzzy hair cascading about my shoulders and slop from the street up one pant leg and still she accepted me.  Whew!!

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