Monday, March 30, 2015

FINALLY... A Day Off For and With My Hubby!!

Today was an excellent day once again.  My exhausted husband was able to take the day off and he made the most of his time.  He slept in, he made pancakes for breakfast, he got a bit of unpacking done in his home office.  His REAL project for the day though was doing some electrical rewiring in the bathroom.  I am not sure why he is so keen to make so many "unapproved" improvements in a tacky rental unit, but he had a bee in his bonnet about the wiring in there.  The maintenance electricians here set up the bathroom switches so that every time the light switch went on the fan came on as well.  It was wired in such a way that plugging in a small night light didn't work either. The night light would only work when the main switch was turned fact nothing would work in the plug in without that light switch in the on position.  The fan is loud.  We have not been able to hear the telephone ringing nor people knocking at the doors when that bathroom light is on.  Stumbling around in the dark to try to use the bathroom in the middle of the night has been a real problem because of the fan coming on automatically if we switched on the light.  NO MORE!  We now have 2 switches, one each for fan and light, as well as 2 plugs that are useable without either switch having to be on.  The night light is now in one of those plugs, beaming cheerily for the old folks when we use the bathroom at 4am!  

We spent half the day in a series of building supply stores getting the parts needed for that project, as well as a couple of other improvement projects my husband is working on.  I discovered some nice racking for putting up unobtrusively in the kitchen, assuming that soon we will open one of the packed boxes still in the basement and discover our herbs and spices.  hohoho  I am getting so tired of cooking with black pepper, lemon/lime juices, fish rub and poultry seasoning, but they are the only flavourings we have come across in the past few weeks.  Sigh...

We spent so much of the afternoon potting about in the building supply stores that it was nearly time for dinner when we were done.  As it happened we were in the vicinity of an Earls restaurant and had a hefty gift certificate from one of our former church congregations.  So we indulged ourselves and spent half of it on our dinner tonight.  I ordered a chicken pecan salad and it was delicious!!  The chicken breast was encrusted with pecan rub, the salad contained beautifully fresh leafy greens along with slivered parmesan, candied pecans, sliced pears, cold beet chunks and a wonderful goat cheese coulis.  It was just the right amount of food, fabulously delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful.  Earls is still doing chain restaurant fare exceptionally well.  I am looking forward to a return visit in the near future to use the rest of our gift certificate.  My husband had a small steak with perfectly cooked asparagus and their skinny french fries. The fries are nothing special, except for them not being drenched in salt, thank goodness, so that certainly improves them from our point of view.  We are definitely enjoying living somewhere that has enough decent restaurants to inspire a few spontaneous decisions to eat in them.

After we arrived home my husband completed his electrical project in good time and is now sitting back watching some television.  I can tell I am relaxed and feeling well today because I really did enjoy wandering around the building supply stores....again......haha.  

Despite the surprise interruption in my day of laundry, I will be able to take the last load out of the dryer in about 20 minutes and it will be just after 10pm.  

Our other treat earlier this evening was a 40 minute SKPE with our son.  He has to return to Canada the end of May for a week or 2, but now has the option to return to New York for the month of June for an extra few weeks to round out his apprenticeship there.  We are happy for him. He looks so happy and content.  Thank you Lord, it has been a long time coming.

Tonight I will luxuriate under my brand new duvet and pillow, plus a brilliantly coloured new duvet cover and matching pillowcase.  We decided earlier today that it is time to get rid of most of our old bedding.  Now that we no longer have a guest room even the nicest of our extra bedding and linens will not be used and are just taking up closet space we desperately need for other things.  We will keep the blow up queen sized mattress and one set of linens and blankets that fit it for those occasional "surprise guest" emergencies. The rest of the bedding and the old "foamies" will have to go.  I am happy about it because some of the bedding is too dilapidated for company to use anyway and there are also some nice blankets, pillow shams and bedspreads that someone shopping in the thrift stores will be thrilled to come across.

So, off to an early bedtime once again.  My husband will be able to sleep in again in the morning as it is to be his other day off this week, despite having to attend a luncheon with the Bishop and a retired Archbishop.  No doubt either before or after the luncheon he will end up doing some work at the office as well, but I pray he can resist the temptation.  With it being Holy Week this week, culminating in the Easter Sunday services, even though he has not started yet in his new parish he will be attending and preaching at other mid week services, so between those and his regular office days it is going to be a busy week as usual.

I am supposed to be going for coffee with my husband's cousin in the morning. Hope it works out because she is really fun and I am looking forward to it.

Time to get the last of the laundry loads out of the dryer and get to bed.  Hope it is as sunny and warm tomorrow as it was today....even with the strong prairie winds blowing all afternoon, it was most pleasant to be out and about.

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