Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Snow

What a beautiful sight I awoke to this morning at 6:30am: the snowflakes were coming down in such a thick blanket I could barely see across the street to the park.  It was still somewhat dark and the snow coming down under the illumination of the street lights was a gorgeous mass of sparkling white. I love spring storms.

Not sure how many centimeters we have had thus far.  I swept off the back and front porches a couple of times all ready and they need it again now, just after 11am.  

The SaskTv tech arrived this morning to install the PVR on the tv system and said that there is a treacherous layer of ice under all that snow.  I watched several service vehicles sliding around as they entered the parking area and had to traverse the now frozen "pond" that covers the entire entryway to the lot.

I think my walk to the doctor's office this afternoon is going to be more interesting than I want it to be, particularly if I can't locate my winter spiked cane in the dismal disaster that is still our basement storage area.  Well, it will be a new adventure if nothing else.  Hopefully I can manage the 10 block return trip without injuring myself.  Taking the bus for a total of 2 stops there and back again for nearly 6 dollars simply does not appeal to my skinflint Celtic heart. hohoho!!

After the tv tech left I set up a couple of shows to be recorded later today.  Might as well find out if I actually do understand what the man explained to me about how to make the system work.  As he was explaining the recording and replay procedures he held the remote facing away from me and I had to keep asking him what buttons he was pushing! haha.  He is the same age as my son, so grew up surrounded by and therefore knowledgeable about the ever expanding world of home technology services.  I'll see if this old codger has the info figured out or not when I return from the doctor and attempt to locate the shows I think I am going to be recording while I am away.  

At least I can record one show and watch another at the same time.  I can record two programmes at once, so that is handy and will help avoid conflicts in the late autumn when the rest of the country goes off DST once again for the winter; when shows that came on before or after each other the rest of the year start colliding into the same time slots.

By this post you would think all I do is watch tv for enterainment.  I am so glad to be able to say that I do not, particularly since we moved here and there are so many more people to keep busy visiting and dining and praying with.

Onward through the snow this afternoon.  SO glad my husband had to take the car to retreat after all.  I would be so tempted to drive to the clinic in this weather, slipping and sliding along the streets with the rest of the vehicles and driving around and around the small crowded clinic parking lot waiting for a space to open up for my car.  In the big picture, walking will usually be the easiest way to get there, should this doctor and I decide we can have a good doctor/patient relationship.

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