Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Happy Do Nothing Day!

My husband spent the day at an exhausting round of meetings...all good, just very tiring.  I however, spent my day doing absolutely nothing at all for the first time since our move. Yes, the house needs cleaning and there are always "must do's" around the place, but I was tired today and for once obeyed the urge to relax.

I spent the entire morning watching tv movies.  Other than eating my meals and a bit of thumb action on the tv remote buttons, I didn't "do a tap" as my mom used to say.  I didn't even get dressed until 3pm when I had my shower.  It was "LOVERLY"!!

Then we ended our day with a spendid dinner out at the home of  friends.  The oven baked salmon had a wonderful crusty rub of maple syrup and crushed pistachios.  There were scalloped potatoes with fresh chives, all ready growing in our friends' garden, (mom eat your heart out, haha), broccoli and an amazing salad with fresh mandarin orange sections in it, not those metallic flavoured tinned oranges.  A glass of white wine with the meal and some chocolate, hazelnut, coconut tea with the iced cream and strawberries ended the feast.

After dinner as we visited, I found myself sitting on their sofa surrounded by, snuggled into by, licked by and covered in drooly playtoys by their 2 Cairn terriors and 2 elderly cats, all in need of constant cuddling. hahaha  How animals seem to know about my asthma and decide to rebel against it by crushing me with their physical presence is beyond my ability to comprehend, but I was ready for them tonight.  My body was full of Claritin and I did very well: nary a sneeze nor a wheeze...not even rash on my hands from petting them and giving out a full evening's worth of tummy rubs.  Since I love animals and have felt devastated my entire life that I cannot be around them, tonight was a thrilling treat.

Off to Assiniboia in the morning so my husband can do their church service.  It will be a fun drive as he has never been there before.  I was there once a few years ago, but can't remember much about the drive.  Always fun to go to a new place and meet new people.  I enjoy the invisibility of being the executive archdeacon's wife as I am a real nobody when someone in his position from the Diocesan office is visiting.  I will get a cursory inspection, no doubt be found wanting in either appearance or personality and then I will be off the hook to say or do anything in particular other than staying out of the way so they can talk to my husband.  It is so great to be "just the wife" for a change until he starts his new parish position next month and being the minister's wife will be more important again.  It will be time to learn the expectations of a new parish and try not to embarrass them and myself.

So, a good weekend thus far.  I am basking in joy and happiness these days and for once do not have the constant feeling in the back of my mind that I am waiting for "the other shoe to drop".  The lack of paranoia here is quite a wonderful experience.  There will no doubt be some bad times on the horizon, as there always are in everyone's lives, but for now I have decided to just relax and enjoy all the good things that are currently happening in my life.   Thank you Lord, it feels so good to be happy!

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