Monday, April 27, 2015

A Murmuring Heart

Mary continues to hang on to life on this earth.  Her son is due to arrive today from the USA to see her and to finalize funeral arrangements.  She is a determined woman at the best of times and no more so than now as she struggles to breathe until she has seen him.  There is no time to sleep as she continues the effort to keep her ever filling lungs clear of fluid so that she doesn't sink into a coma before he arrives.  I can't even imagine what Pete is going through right now watching his wife caught in the limbo struggle between fighting to live and fighting to die both at the same time.  He has had to pass off his church duties, funerals etc. to other clergy so that he is able to be with Mary every minute to assist her in any way he can.  May her dream of seeing her son be realized before she allows her body to be set free of the pain and of the fight to remain here. Thank you so much for your prayers for these dear people.

My own heart murmur is giving me trouble these days.  I can tell by the lack of energy.....the complete and total lack of energy....and yesterday's struggle with feeling depressed for no apparent reason.  My level of daily activity has increased sharply since we arrived here and my level of health has not risen to the occasion in some ways.  Other than a couple of attempts to have some company in for dinners this week I think I will take it relatively easy.  In fact maybe I will slow down for a couple of weeks and regroup.  I need to be more careful with this murmur than I have been.  The past 5 years were very good for my heart what with the low level of physical activity and a slower social life, but now I have to readjust.  The spirit is willing but the body is a bit weak.  I just need to be more careful and I will be...will pace myself better and pay better attention to my own body's reactions. Emotions are a great indicator for me of when it is time to slow down or speed up life's pace.

My husband, tired as he was yesterday after pub church, decided to take me out for dinner.  We went to a favourite little Indian restaurant that has large portions of good food for a reasonable price.  There are leftovers for dinner tonight. YAY!  It isn't gourmet quality but it is hearty and tasty.

I am resting this morning and then this afternoon a friend is coming from out of town to spend some time just hanging out together.  It will be fun and not overly strenuous.  The most energy consuming thing we will likely do is go out for tea, if we leave the suite at all before she goes home again.

Am thinking of doing some volunteering this fall.  I would like to go to one of the hospitals and hold babies who need some attention and care while they recover from illnesses or preemies who need to gain weight and strength before they can go home with their parents.  Barring that, there are any number of other volunteer services in this little city that I could participate in.

If the other singers in our new parish are not too professional, I may have an opportunity to sing in the small church choir.  I would really enjoy that if it is possible.

One of our parishioners is in a drum circle and that really appeals to me, if I can afford a drum to practise on.  I need to be doing something musical even though I can't really play my keyboard very well any more.

So for the rest of the spring and summer leading up to our annual holidays I will take lots of time to spec out volunteer and entertainment possibilities around here.  Perhaps season tickets to the philharmonic or theatres would be in order.  No point living here if we don't take advantage of what Regina has to offer.  Looking forward to the next show at the MacKenzie art gallery, whatever it may turn out to be.  It is a nice little walk to the gift shop in the provincial museum as well.

Life is good!

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