Monday, April 6, 2015

A Pretty Good Easter Weekend

Christ is risen.
He is risen indeed.

What a nice weekend we had.  Good friends, YOUNG friends, over here for dinner Friday night for good food, laughs and some serious conversation.

The weather cleared up nicely for the rest of the weekend and away we went on Saturday to our former parish.  My husband worked in their office for a few hours clearing off the computer of old files and personal emails that he had no time to deal with before we left.  We had a lovely home made dinner at the home of the dear folks we spent our overnight with.  As usual they spoiled us rotten, fed us to the bursting point and provided a warm, comfy big bed to sleep in. They are in their 90's but so thrilled to be able to do something for "the minister and his wife".  It was a privilege to be there.

Lots of "welcome home" 's ensued the next morning at both church services and it was grand to see so many folk out to celebrate the Resurrection with us.  One of our musicians invited us to lunch at a restaurant since all 3 of us were going to be alone on Easter Sunday at meal time.  O what fun we had!!  We talked and giggled and told stories and generally had the best time, but we had to leave in a big hurry when we realized it was all ready 3pm and we were an hour later than scheduled in leaving. She is the best lady!!

Great friends gave us a packet of Greek dessert "cookies", more like little melt-in-your-mouth cakes....o wow, they were fantastic!!  What a treat to have to eat at our snacktime on the road home.  They brought some visiting relatives to church with them as well and since they are from Calgary we had some good stories to share about our mutually beloved city.

My husband was able to surprise a few of our parishioners who now live in the seniors' manor. He took time to take communion to them and they had such a good time together.  Hopefully a new priest is going to be appointed soon in that parish and there won't be much lag time before a good seniors' communion time will happen once again, regularly.

The drive home was uneventful, except for our delicious Greek cookie break and we were so tired we just kind of threw together a light supper from leftovers we found in the fridge.  

Today the office is closed so my husband has the day off.  He slept in until just a couple of minutes ago...nearly 10am....and wow, he needed it.  Today will be a good day, once he is awake, to put up the spice racks and some basement shelving, since our neighbours on the other side of the wall have not yet returned from their weekend away. They will get to miss the pounding hammer. 

I am going to do some grocery shopping with my enjoyable new PC points card. haha  That card is helping me keep more organized with my weekly shopping as it notes what I purchase each time and sends me point specials on many of those items for later purchase. Aiii yiiii....I am addicted to a points, who never ever participates in shopper loyalty programmes. What a hoot.  I will have to bear in mind my husband's sermon admonition to allow Jesus to be the Lord of ALL in my life...even my shopping habits!!

Have a blessed and happy Easter Monday family and friends. 

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