Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Apparently There Will Be No Sleeping In Around Our Complex

It has become apparent over the past few weeks that now that all the ice and snow are melted and "spring", as this weather is called around here, is underway, the maintenance crews are going to be busy every morning of the week...starting between 6am and 7am each and every day!!  hahaha

This morning they were out diligently driving about on their little machines aerating the lawns for the third time in as many days.  Unfortunately those machines are just as oversized as the snow blowers and small bobcat blades and buckets and, like those other machines, not only scrape off ice, snow, doggie do and what have you, they scrape off any actual lawn that sits on top of little bumps or rises in the landscaping, leaving vast tracts of mud throughout the entire complex.  The postal delivery folk must have to wear gum rubber boots from March through to October to deliver mail to the nearly 300 units here.

My husband also discovered why our basement experiences "seepage" in one corner and it is likely the same reason most of the other basements in our complex have trouble with water when the snow melts, when it rains, when the sprinkler system is running....most of the year round actually.  He brought in some clay late the other night to build up the soil at the corner where there has been the most water coming in and discovered that when the flower beds were removed from under the windows a few years ago and pea gravel put down instead, the plastic under the pea gravel has been sloped downward, right against the foundation at that same corner.  Every time water gets into that gravel, the plastic diligently funnels it right into our basement! Tonight after dark he is bringing in another pail of clay and, under cover of that darkness, will dig up that side of the gravel bed and rearrange the plastic so that the water drains away from the wall instead of right into it.  It is really sad that his repairs here have to be done clandestinely, but if he gets caught in broad daylight working on this place then the regular maintenance crew will insist on doing the job they should, BUT they don't know what they are doing.  hahaha Oh, this is one hilarious place to live. Yesterday morning when the lawn was undergoing yet another aeration process, there was so much dead grass on my front stoop I had to push the broom out the front door ahead of myself to clear it so I could check the mail box that is right beside the door without bringing inside a ton of dead grass on the bottom of my shoes.

When the lawn isn't being aerated at 6am, the parking lot, still filled with cars before folk leave for work, is under siege from various bobcats and small Ride 'Em tractors, bashing their buckets about on the asphalt for no apparent purpose.  The fellows here do enjoy their rides on the machinery and when they have no actual work to do, seem to go riding for the sheer fun of it.  Once the rest of the management staff arrive at 9am for the day and the maintenance crew have been seen to be at work early and suitably busy, the noise abates and the maintenance crew finds more quiet work to do.

Tonight we have to find somewhere else to park our cars until late tomorrow afternoon. Our section of the parking lot is going to be "cleaned".  From what I can gather, watching with interest this morning as another section received its annual cleaning (or whatever they were doing out there), the process consisted of blockading the entrance with a large tractor, a conglomeration of bobcats and men riding around and around the lot blowing dirt and garbage, gravel and dead foliage up onto the back porches of all the residences. They rode around in a circle one way, then all the fellows got out of their machinery and stood around chatting and smoking for a couple of hours, then they got into their various machines and rode around again in the opposite direction, blowing more crap all over the tenants' living quarters, before departing with great pomp and ceremony, leaving a bigger, dirtier mess behind than when they started.  BUT the smiling and laughing and back slapping that goes on with these guys is worth what I am paying for rent just to watch them.  Always a great show with lots of laughs, day after day, around here. I want to move to these particular fellows' country of has to be a great place with no one ever experiencing anything but laughter and joy day after day after day, whether anyone knows what they are doing or not!!

Perhaps it is the lack of sleeping in, EVER, that makes it all so hilarious to me.....but I am looking forward to their next performance tomorrow, when our own back porch will be receiving its baptism of dirt, sand, gravel, garbage and dead grass that will, by evening, have blown back into the parking lot from whence it all came.

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