Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chilly Bear

In a few minutes we will leave for the trip to our former parish.  The forecast has changed 3 times since I first looked at it yesterday afternoon and saw snow predicted.  By last night it had changed to far less snow, early this morning it was changed to freezing drizzle, now it is cloudy and cold with a 20% chance of some kind of precipitation.

In other words, no one has any idea what we are driving into today and what condition the highways will be in by the time we get there.....assuming we get there.  

From the present temperature of -9C up there, it MAY reach the glorious spring high of +1C by this afternoon....or it may not.  

In other words be prepared for any and all possibilities!  The amount of "stuff" we have to drag along with us is ridiculous, since about 26 hours from now we will be on our way home again.  We have 3 different kinds of coat each, 2 kinds of footwear, a double change of clothes, a collapsible snow shovel, Arctic wear in case the first prediction for snow turns out to be true and my husband has to dig a path for our car along the highway like he has had to do in spring storms in the past, a large tote bag of food in case of being stranded, OR in case there are no restaurants open in our former town on Easter Sunday after church when we are seeking lunch, my diabetic equipment and breakfast foods....all for a trip that will last about 27 hours in total, 10 of which we will be sleeping! 

Spring on the prairies....completely ridiculous...and yet, there is a certain appeal to a person's sense of adventure that cannot be scoffed at.

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