Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cold and Wet

The word "yucky" was coined for a day such as this.

The weather is yucky: instead of the warm spring rains usually associated at this time of year in places like the west coast, we have a prairie rain, which is cold drizzle, driven by winds and creating a sheen of light coloured dirt on the outside of vehicles that isn't quite dark or thick enough to constitute mud and a visit to the car wash, yet keeps the vehicles looking scuzzy.  (There's another great word to describe this day!)

The grocery stores are yucky:  it is Saturday morning and no deliveries have occurred for produce departments for the past couple of days.  The fresh carrots are soft and soggy, the broccoli heads are mashed and yellowing, the unbagged celery is browning and mushy and the cauliflower is developing small patches of black mold.

Our property is yucky: trying to walk from the back porch to the car results in bits of muddy glop and dried dead grass stuck to the bottom of shoes and overly long pant leg hems because of the number of times the lawns have been aerated but never swept up afterward.

Our suite is yucky: we are trying to get the last of our junk sorted out, labelled and put away out of sight in the remaining cupboard spaces and on basement shelving. Once again the kitchen and a couple of the upstairs bedroom are in an uproar as my husband begins to realize he absolutely HAS to get rid of more of us unnecessary items.  Some more of my own "iffy" items have shown up in my bedroom....a box of little useless "thingys" that seem to be so easy to toss into a garbage bag now, but weren't so easy to dispose of when I was packing up for this move.  Who knows why???

I am yucky: the cold pouring rain did not inspire me to have my shower and style my hair or put on any make up before heading out for my discouraging grocery shopping trip.  There would have been no point.  My make up would have been running down my face, any hair styling would have ended up in a huge ball of frizz framing my face by the time I got home and clean clothes would no longer be that way after trekking through the puddles in the shopping center parking lots.  As it is, even pulled back in a pony tail and covered in a helmet of spray, my hair is escaping its rubber band and looks like a bad attempt at a retro '70's afro....and anyway, afros never looked good on white people, even in the '70's.

My husband is yucky:  he feels drained and exhausted and slightly nauseous after his innoculations the other day.  It isn't a horrible reaction, but it has slowed him down.  That on top of a scare he gave himself yesterday after making a mistake on his income tax preparation that left him thinking he owed Revenue Canada over three thousand dollars, (and thank you Jesus, he found his error and corrected it), and a meal last night that wasn't healthy for him, has left him looking and feeling kind of grey and fuzzy....oh, wait a minute....that fuzzy look is because he is in bad need of a haircut that he feels too gross to even tackle this morning.  This afternoon and evening he is working over at the office to get caught up on a backlog of emails and paper work he had to leave off because of other meetings.

Well, time to go and make lunch.  Hopefully when I start seeking out something to munch on I will find some good food, somethat that does not fall into the category of yucky!  

If we can get our act together before he goes to work later today, I think we will have some success at reorganizing our kitchen and that alone will be encouraging enough to remove the "Yucky Factor" from this day.

That and remembering the really fun time we had last night meeting the vestry members and their spouses from my husband's new parish.  What a great time and what lovely people.  I have been worried about our new church assignment, naturally it is always a stress until you meet the people, but last night put any fears or questions to rest.  They are a great bunch!!

Good memory: I am feeling less yucky all ready.  Once I have my shower and do my hair I will feel just great!!

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