Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Duck, Duck, Goose....and Swan!

This past Sunday morning, driving between the churches in our former parish, we were excited to witness some of the returning bird migration as ducks, geese and swans headed north for the spring and summer.

We are estimating that we saw somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 birds between the thousands on the ground in the farmers' fields and the great clouds of them flying across the sky.

There were a couple of types of ducks, two types of geese, including huge Canada geese and also sprinkled throughout the flocks were small numbers of huge white swans.  

We also spotted a few meadowlarks, with their distinctive yellow markings, sitting on fence posts here and there along the route. They weren't singing at the time, but no doubt the glorious weather of that afternoon brought out their best trills.

Today our present area of residence has several inches of fresh wet snow, but it isn't very cold, so hopefully the parts of Wascana Lake across the street from us that had melted off will remain open and flowing so that the geese don't feel compelled to return to our complex and leave massive trails of goose poop on top of the fresh white snow on our lawns. We had sufficient last week, thank you very much goosies!!

Fortunately this is to be short lived spring storm.  By tomorrow afternoon we will be well above zero and by Thursday it will be even warmer. So happy about that because my husband's sister is making a long drive here that day to spend the weekend with us.

Our next door neighbours arrived home last night after being away for several days.  It is nice to have them back on the other side of our shared wall.  Kind of nice to know we are not alone here on the end of the building.  Really looking forward to their little guy learning to walk this summer and seeing him being able to play outside for the his first summer of life.  So many wonders to behold.  My son turns 35 years old tomorrow and seeing the baby next door brings back so many memories of him at that age.  

This morning I got working on some of the stains in the carpets that didn't come out with the management company's steam cleaner.  The downstairs marks in the dining room came out very well, thank goodness. Some car upholstery cleaner and brushes are lifting out the grease.  The ones in my husband's room are in the midst of a second attempt, but at least they faded considerably after the first one.  It is nice to have something specific to do inside on a day when the idea of driving out for anything is less than appealing.

A friend from Moose Jaw is coming out for a visit later this week so I am really looking forward to that.  We will walk the aisles at the new Jysk store and see what kind of bargains we can find.  I have appointments on Thursday afternoon, so it will be great to return home to find my sister-in-law arriving shortly thereafter.  Lots of fun on the horizon this week!


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