Saturday, April 11, 2015

Family Fun

We are half way into a visit from my husband's sister and we are having a lot of fun.  A cousin joined us for dinner here last evening and we chatted long into the night about family and fun times.  My husband is feeling much more connected to his family in recent years.  It is all good.

We had such fun yesterday afternoon wandering through the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, just a short walk around Wascana pond from our place.  Today we headed up to Bushwakker's for brunch and I enjoyed the most wonderful taco salad: instead of the usual ground beef sprinkled over the top, it came with 2 skewers of medium rare beef roast.  O my it was delicious!!  The other joy is that it had just the correct number of corn chips to give me about 1 carb unit in the nutrition count.  There were hot peppers and greens and tomato and avocado, black beans and corn and the usual salsa and chipotle crema.  YUM!!

Then we drove over to the flower conservatory to see some lovely bougainvillia, hydrangea and cacti, green ferns, kinnikinnick, aeonium, tulips, lilies, orchids and other beautiful plants that I am going to spend a fair amount of time taking a look at over the winter when it is as cold as a meat locker outside!  The conservatory is very tiny, only the size of a large greenhouse, BUT such a pretty treat out here in the brown, dreary prairies.  People from places like British Columbia who are surrounded with ferns, cherry blossoms, big trees and other lovely plant life year round would giggle at our small attempts at greenhouse loveliness here, but for us it is a true oasis in the midst of a rather barren natural landscape.

Right now the other two oldies are having naps to get up enough energy to eat dinner tonight. hahahaha  They are both going to get a good teasing from me.  

We need to decide where to go to church tomorrow, one of the last Sundays free before my husband begins his new priestly duties in his new parish church, then go to Mackenzie Art Gallery tomorrow afternoon to see the First Nations art exhibit.  Then it will be off for our final one of our favourite Indian buffets.  

We have so enjoyed this and realized how starved we have been for family visits at our own home.  I so wish Mom and Dad were capable of travelling out here to see us, but will take a bunch of photos on the ipad before my next trip to their place so they can see where we are and what our place looks like. 

Well, sounds like the rest of the household is starting to stir so will go see what they want to do about our evening meal.  The weather has cooperated so beautifully for the past 2 days that we have been able to do a lot of walking out of doors and work up healthy appetites.  Is it really.....SPRING at last????  (I think there is going to be one more humungous storm before that sweet spring odor hits the air...that lovely smell has not yet arrived out here.)

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