Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

My husband is preaching at the Cathedral today for their Good Friday service.  Unfortunately I won't be able to go along to hear him.  Good Friday is a day of fasting traditionally in our church, but as a diabetic I can't do it.  The service is at noon and even if by some miracle it is over by 1pm I won't be able to wait long enough to have my lunch afterward...despite eating a later breakfast, in hopes it might work for me to attend the service.  Days like this are among the rare occasions I find this disease to truly be a nuisance.

Friends from the east were laughing when they called yesterday.  One of the Orthodox churches in their town is shrouded in protective 6ml poly...not exactly the Turin Shroud! hahaha  

A young couple is coming for dinner tonight.  We are supposing they are planning to announce their recent engagement and we are going to have to act very surprised...or not...we are deciding what is the best way to react.  Not unexpectedly, her excited mom spilled the beans a couple of weeks ago, just like I would do if my son ever got engaged. haha  Better to be honest I guess and admit we knew all ready. Or do we protect Mom??  Such a conundrum on a day when I am very tired from yesterday's cleaning marathon. haha

The upstairs of this townhouse is absolutely freezing due to the lack of insulation in the walls.  Downstairs is just the right degree of warmth.  Although we both definitely sleep better on this cold upper floor, I am guessing next winter I will be sleeping on the living room floor or sofa to stave off bronchitis.  I haven't felt this cold since...since....well, since the last time we lived in a military housing complex that was built in the 1940's!!  That was in Didsbury Alberta in about 1977!  Great soundproofing between units, but I guess the families of the military men were supposed to develop their own brand of toughness!Brrrrr!!

So, enough time wasting and on to the task of cleaning the bathroom fixtures.  I just couldn't get to it yesterday.  I waited too long into the day to get started, then spent too much time yapping on the phone to various friends and family when I should have been working...but my thought is that the work will always be there to be done and the friends and family may not be around forever.  People are more important to me than how clean my house is at any given time.

Tally to complete yesterday's task before it is time to start cooking up a storm for this evening's meal.

As I work I will have time to contemplate the seriousness of today's signifcant time in the Christian calendar of events.  Jesus dying on the cross...tortured and suffering so that I and all who turn to him can spend their eternity with Father God and can count on his assistance to deal with life on this earth while we live out our human experience.  The idea is almost too large to grasp and too humbling to even want to think about.  On Good Friday, what Jesus did for his followers and for all the world is too disturbing to want to remember, yet remembering is how I will spend most of the gratitude and in awe of his a sort of shock that I am deemed worthy of it when I know myself for who I really am...worthy because I am trying to honestly love and follow Jesus and for no other reason.

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chris e. said...

Good post! As for a diabetic fasting Good Friday I wouldn't worry about it. When someone asked my diabetic husband what he was giving up for Lent he tersely replied that being diabetic meant every day was Lent. So there!