Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy For Mom and Dad

I had a nice chat with  my parents yesterday.  The had great news about their meals, after a most disappointing try with a new company that pre-cooks and delivers meals to seniors.  We all hoped it would be the answer they were looking for as far as not having to make arrangements to pick up food from a depot several kilometers away from their house, as they have had to do once a month over the past year.  We have a dear family friend who has been driving mom and her food cooler to the depot each time an order of food arrives.

After the disappointment with the food from this new company, dad thought they were facing an even bigger upset when he called in for the May menu from the first company and was told they are moving and shutting down all the neighbourhood collection depots.  Mom's friend would have to drive her far across the city to pick up meals. However, another change being made is that for seniors the food will now be delivered to their door.  Dad and Mom are thrilled about this and no doubt their long suffering friend will be as well. He no longer has to drive around the city late in the evening to pick up all that food.  I am so relieved about this new development.  Mom has a fair amount of cooking to do with this first company who prepares all the meals and gives cooking instructions, but she truly enjoys the fact that she still can do the actual cooking.  She and Dad can choose their own vegetables or salads to go with all these uncooked but seasoned and prepared entree dishes and Mom can retain the independence she craves.

I can relax now about their food situation.   They are happy and so am I.  The food from the second company has been so terrible that I thought I would be preparing a couple of months worth of meals to take with me when I go to visit my parents later in May.  I used to do that and really enjoyed doing it, but living a full day's drive away from them makes it a rather impractical solution.  The way things have worked out is truly an answer to prayer.

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