Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I HAVE to Stop Eating Out!!!!


Seriously, we have had only a few dud experiences eating out here and so when I had a chance to eat another of those fantastic pecan chicken rocket salads at Earls for lunch and fish tacos at The Lobby for dinner...well, how on earth could I say no to a best friend and a husband when they invited me to go out for these delicious meals today???  Aiiii yiiiii......

I used a few dollars of the remaining amount on our Earls gift card from one of our former church congregations to eat lunch today so didn't mind paying the whopping bill for our dinner tonight.  Oooh, those fish tacos were perfectly seasoned and the meal had the right amount of carbs for me.  Included in my husband's order was a plate of delicious, made on site samosas with a carrot chutney and a mint chutney made by one of the owner's mothers.  O my goodness, they were fantastic and had no corn starch in them, so my husband was free to indulge his taste buds as well.

One thing I was not impressed with at lunchtime was my friend's pasta meal.  She ordered chicken fettucine and that is exactly what she received....a rather small bowl of chicken fettucine...not one thing extra.  Not so much as a sprig of parsley to add some colour to the whiteness of the pasta and sauce, not so much as even a half slice of garlic toast, not even an offer of added ground pepper or a touch of parmesan or red pepper did she receive.  For this minute and ungarnished portion she was charged nearly seventeen dollars!  Thankfully I could use our gift card to pay for it. One thing I have learned at Earls is that you have to be savvy about their menu so that you don't get ripped off on price per portion.

My husband and I are looking forward to our next visit to The Lobby.  Tuesday evening specials include 25% off their snack foods and wines...the wine selection is rather dismal, but the snack foods, if the samosas are anything to go by, are delicious.  He also wants to take in their Monday evening special sometime: once ounce each of three different varieties of scotch for about twenty dollars.  He is making a list of friends he could invite to go with him for the evening.  hahaha  I don't think you are allowed to be an Anglican priest if you don't care for scotch. hahaha

Really enjoyed walking around shopping after lunch with my friend and my second walk to and from the restaurant with my husband tonight.  I cheated a bit on my evening exercises this past weekend when we had company so I need to get a move on.  It felt good to get stretching my legs again and working off the calories and sugars.

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