Monday, April 20, 2015

O Yeah.....Income Tax Deadlines......o yeah......

We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday this past weekend: a drive 2 hours to Assiniboia in a spring rain storm, followed by a church service with some of the warmest, friendliest small town folk we have ever met in our lives.  If you are ever out that way of a Sunday morning and want to meet up with some amazing people who are the epitome of every GOOD cliche ever written or spoken about small town communities, spend a couple of hours at service and coffee time with the Anglican parish in Assiniboia.  We had such a good time there it was difficult to leave and return home!

Assiniboia is also home to a little gem of an art gallery, the Shurniak Art Gallery.  It has been in Assiniboia for the past 10 years, celebrating its anniversary just now, and it is one of those hidden, off the beaten path treasures that Saskatchewan is becoming known for.  The gallery houses everything from 16th century oriental statues to Group of Seven paintings,  to abstracts by young SK emerging artists to glassworks to pottery to representational paintings to bird carvings to.....the list goes on.  One of the Anglican parishioners who volunteers her time there told us it was open and where it is located. She even met us there to show us around,  explain its history, its ownership and to invite us to stick around for the full experience.  The gallery houses a small cafe as well.  What a treat and we will definitely go there again very soon.

After a delicious lunch at the church and a great visit with the parishioners, we did a bit of bargain shopping while waiting for the gallery to open for the afternoon.  My husband, since moving to the city, has become quite the intense shopper.  Mr. Skinflint, as I used to call him, has been spending money like water for the past couple of months and I am so enjoying watching his face light up when he finds things he has been wanting for years, but had so little access to stores on any sort of regular basis. We are now going to have to drive to the bargain store in Assiniboia a few times a year to purchase socks for him, as they are the only store he has found in a year that carry the brand he is comfortable wearing!!

Coming home we stopped in for a drink and good visit with dear friends in Moose Jaw.  It is time now to start inviting our friends there to make the trek to Regina occasionally to see us.  There are many people there we need and want to invite here now that we are more or less settled in.

I suppose we can blame being tired and giddy today after such a great weekend.  I suppose we can blame it on my husband's needing, unexpectedly, to spend his morning visiting an amazing friend today.  I suppose we can blame my need to do a ton of errands this morning outside the house. I suppose can blame the arrival in the mail today of my son's information and invites to his commencement in New York next month as he receives his Master of Fine Arts and the tears that flowed when we realized his dad will be in Africa and I will be on the road elsewhere, so we can't attend.  (Actually, apart from the actual ceremony where he will receive his actual diploma, my son isn't putting in much of an appearance either so I am not missing anything by not going...he is not one for pomp and ceremony...and really, neither am I, but sobbing about not being able to go to the commencement seemed like the right sort of "mommy" thing to do. Ya' know?).

Suffice to say there were any number of reasons today as to why we completely forgot, COMPLETELY forgot, that today was set aside to file our income taxes!!  We COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY FORGOT!!

How do two adults in their 60's forget to do their income taxes???  We are going to have to cancel our plans for my husband's next day off on Friday and get them done.  It is the last chance we will have to complete them and file them prior to the deadline.  Good grief, that is one embarrassing exclusion from our mental files!

Time to set the good times aside and do the necessary drudgeries!!

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