Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Parking Lot is Clean, Two Movies Have Been Seen

We had our morning's entertainment watching the maintenance crew clean our section of the parking lot. As we suspected it was just as hilarious as what we saw yesterday when they were cleaning another lot.  Now there is dirt everywhere, not just in the lot!  Equal opportunity filth is what we have around here, haha!

This afternoon we toddled over to the IMAX to see two films.  Both, for reasons we didn't figure out were in 3D, which added nothing to either presentation.
"DDay" was somewhat informative and was a good introduction to the invasion of Normandy for people who maybe didn't know much about it before seeing the film.

"Jerusalem" was a huge disappointment.  It was narrated by 3 young 20 somethings, one representing each of the 3 major religions of the city....Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  The film contains very little actual history or information about life there in this day and age. It is a strung together piece meal conglomeration of bits and pieces from all 3 religions' rites and rituals and the thrust of the narration is that none of the 3 girls have had a chance to spend time with people from the other 2 religious communities and wish that would happen some dreamy, far in the future day.  It was a warm and fuzzy, non-informative piece of horse pucky in my opinion.  Since Jerusalem is about one mile square in area and all the girls grew up there, it seemed completely ridiculous to be asking why they didn't know much about each others' social and religious communities...gee ladies, do you listen to the news on a regular basis?  Could your lack of contact with people outside your own communities be because you are terrified to death of each other, because you are afraid of being bombed or otherwise persecuted by one of the other groups as you go about your daily life?  The 40 agonizing minutes of warm and ignorant fuzziness finally ended, leaving us with only mild headaches and sore eyes from the poor quality 3D glasses to remember them by.

There are a couple of other films coming in the next few weeks and we will bravely open our wallets and fork out more senior citizen rate costs to see them, as we do enjoy IMAX and the next few films will surely be better than what we saw today.  SURELY!!

The rest of the day went well.  My husband spent part of the day making bookcase shelves for his office books which can now be unpacked and put away.  We had a great walk to and from the IMAX on a warm and NOT windy day.  We had fun talking to the young people who work at the IMAX and didn't have many paying customers to keep them busy this afternoon.  What nice kids!  The 4 month old next door finally smiled for me this afternoon when I clapped my hands in rythmic patterns for his amusement.  Declan, your smile lights up the room!

Here's to another good day tomorrow.

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