Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring It Ain't!!

The wind began to howl during the night, ushering in a drop in temperature, a snow storm and icy streets.  Aww, c'mon!!  It is SPRING, remember????  I suppose we are stuck with a typical prairie spring once again...drat!  I got used to the warm sunny days rather quickly.

The highways are blocked by jack knifed semi trucks, a city bus spun out across one of the main streets and completely blocied oncoming traffic, the roads are so slick even the pedestrians are having trouble standing up in the blowing snow today.

Getting my husband ready for his walk to work was like a live action sitcom! hahaha  He ended up in the basement unpacking his snow climbing pants, fiddling about in the coat closet to locate his winter parka, heading out to the car to find his YakTraks for his footwear, trying on one toque after another to decide what would work best for his long walk in the bad weather, getting his heavier canvas pack out of storage, dressing, undressing, redressing until he was all ready to far he has taken the better part of a half hour to be ready.  Finally he got the front door open, put his pack on the step and tried to put on his footwear. hahaha  One of the YakTrak attachments stuck to his sock and he was hopping about on the narrow step on one foot, trying not to tip over while he removed his sock from the ice apparatus. hahaha  Then he couldn't get the second strap of his pack over his shoulder, so we were both balancing on the narrow step, him looking like a professional ice climber and me in my old housecoat and flip flops, freezing in the blowing snow while I got his straps straightened out.  He must have made it to work eventually because no one has called looking for him.  Good grief....worse than getting a 5 year old ready to go to kindergarten!

After he left I collapsed on the couch and watched news tv.  Yesterday I did 4 hours of  ironing in around a long trip for grocery and hardware store shopping, making meals and other daily chores.  I finished ironing just before 11:30pm and today I am completely exhausted.  So this morning I will watch tv and do blogging and emails, then hit the housecleaning this afternoon.  We are having company tomorrow night for dinner so it has to be done today, since tomorrow morning we are tied up with Good Friday services and then an afternoon of cooking.  Not sure where the energy will come from this afternoon, but I know I will find it.

Concerned today about the granddaughter of a good friend.  The preteen gal was in her local hospital yesterday morning for a routine procedure, but ended up in a Code Blue situation and was rushed into the city hospital where she spent last night.  Apparently she was okay by bedtime but terrified to go to sleep in case she didn't wake up again.  If you are a praying sort, please ask for mercy for Mal and her family. Thanks.

Well, I do need to shower and get some housework done so I can enjoy tomorrow night's company and not feel too tired to enjoy them after doing too much during the day that I should have done today.

Lots of good things to look forward to over the next week.  Hopefully the weather will clear up for our weekend on the road to our former parish.

Onward and upward.........

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