Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Secrets For Cleaning the Entire Townhouse in a Morning

I have a few things I just have to do if I am going to get this place cleaned properly and completely all in one morning each week.

First of all I have to finish eating my breakfast before my husband is ready to go to work.

Second, I have to clean on a day when my husband is going to work at his usual time of 7:30am.  I have to start cleaning the moment the door closes behind him as he leaves for the office.

Third, I have to choose if I am going to start upstairs or down and immediately gather whatever tools and cleansers I need for that floor.

Fourth, I cannot distract myself by washing my face, brushing my teeth or getting dressed before I start cleaning the house.

Fifth, I cannot look at the clock even once while I am working.  It is best if I just keep going with no clue as to how long it is taking me to complete the task.

Sixth, I cannot answer the phone, or drop into my desk chair long enough to look at emails, or take any other kind of break that could distract me or slow me down for more than a minute in the middle of the job. eg drinking a glass of water when one floor is completed and before I move on to the next one is acceptable and fits into the allowed time frame.

Seven, I must resign myself to the fact that the work will take the entire morning, so no point in stressing about meeting any sort of self-imposed deadline. Slowly and steadily is the best way for me to work.

This morning I stuck to my seven points.  I started cleaning at 7:30am and was completely done just before 11:30am.  Now I am going to shower and do my hair, get dressed, have lunch and head out for my afternoon walk so I can do several errands.  My husband has the car today at work and it is good for me to have to get some good exercise on a sunny day with only a bit of a breeze instead of our usual gale force winds. I have no planned people distractions today either, no social niceties, no interruptions to my day, so I can stay focused and enjoy my tasks.

Today is another good day!

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