Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tired But Happy

My husband is so happy with his new position.  It is incredibly exhausting and some nights after work it is all he can do to stay awake until bedtime, but the variety is very enjoyable.

Yesterday he was able to organize some willing volunteers to come and do some clean up and other chores around the synod office after the construction company finished up a project of shoring up the elderly building's foundation. He went to work in his construction clothes, proudly bearing his tool boxes and big lunch box.  He spent about 12 hours on the project and the volunteers had a lot of fun working together.  It was also a pleasure for him to work with a construction company that has the kind of professional attitudes and work ethic he is used to, unlike the lazy, provincially minded rotters he had to deal with on his last renovation effort.  He was dreading dealing with more local construction companies but it turned out so very well. They actually realized the fact that taking instructions from the project manager is how it works in the real world and were more than happy to do the job expertly and properly even though my husband was not born and raised here.  A miracle!!!! hahaha 

Today there is a bit more to do on that project, some office work, an evening synod planning meeting, the day ending with the monthly staff and spouses prayer meeting at the office.  I think I will wander over there for that.  It is a good group of people with expectant hearts, just waiting eagerly to see how God answers our prayers. What a treat!! I have missed those times of deep prayer for others and the sharing of hearts' needs. 

Tomorrow is innoculation day for the upcoming African trip.  Hopefully neither he nor the Bishop will react negatively to their shots.  The Bishop has not had a yellow fever shot before and my husband isn't sure if the one he had forty years ago is still applicable or if the idea of it being a life long innoculation has changed.  Malaria pills also have to be chosen.  Fortunately my husband has all ready had everything else he needs due to past travels.

Friday IS income tax day!! It IS, it IS, it IS!!!!!!  The nice treat for the day will be getting together with the members of our new congregation for a "meet 'n' greet" where we can all get to know each other a little better before my husband starts working with them.

Saturday we are going to make the 3 hour trip together to the provincial ACW meeting.  Usually he would go with the Bishop, but our Bishop must travel on afterward to our former parish to do a confirmation service and work with them on hiring a new priest.

Not sure where we will attend church on Sunday.  It is our last Sunday to "freelance" before my husband begins his new incumbency here in Regina.

And then a new week will be upon us!! Where does the time go??

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