Friday, May 15, 2015

'Bye 'Bye Board

A couple of days ago I decided it was time to get a new cover for my ancient ironing board; the one I purchased in the spring of 1972 when I first moved away from my parents' home.  I am pretty easy on my "stuff" so am not surprised to have had an ironing board for over forty years.

However, all good things must come to an end.  I noticed when I set it up that day that it felt a bit more wobbly than usual and the top of the board was leaning ever so slightly to one side.  It was fine while I did my ironing but when I went to remove the old cover and collapse it, the poor old thing fell completely apart.

With a mighty, loud SPROOOOING, pieces of metal and hard rubber attachments started flying everywhere.  All the struts and cross bars under the board pulled apart, little springs bounced around the room and one of the hard rubber cones that held the metal in place smacked me hard in the ear as it tumbled past.  I was so startled I proceeded to drop the heaviest end of the board itself onto my bare toes. YEEEOOOOWWW!!!  I reared back because it hurt so much and tromped on one of the cross bars with my other bare foot and now I know why diabetics (and everyone else I think!!) should always wear shoes indoors to protect our feet.  Yikes!!

I leaned the board against the wall and surrveyed my bedroom floor and the top of my bed.  The rest of what had been my faithful old ironing board was scattered hither and yon.  Finally I got it all collected and under cover of darkness lugged the whole mess out to the large collection bin in the parking lot.  In the morning I could see the board sticking out of the top of the bin, wedged between the frame of someone's equally elderly, disintegrating sofa and a smashed screen tv.  Poor old ironing board...what an ignominious end to so many years of good service.

Even less impressive is that yesterday I had to spend money to purchase a new usual, about the time extra spending has to stop, my husband has to spend money to go overseas and I have to go on a road trip to help out my parents, the car needed extra repairs and now also an ironing board to be purchased.  It is what always happens to people, right? haha

I did find a very nice, relatively inexpensive board at the hardware store.  It is light and easy to carry, easy to set up, easy to take down.  If this one falls apart like the old one did it should be far less physically painful for myself!!  No, it won't last for over forty years like the old one did, but I am hoping to nurse it along for my remaining "ironing years".  The new cover, with its pattern of deep forest and mint greens is very pretty.  AND it has a separate rest for the iron on one end.  I like that.  My husband won't like it because it is plastic and my not last as long as the board, but o well, you can't have everything.  The boards as heavy duty as my old one were more than twice the price and are so, so, so heavy to carry and set up.  This one is not quite as long and fits in my closet far better.

No doubt these kinds of little details about my life here at home are scintillating to read, hohoho!  But, there you life to the minute. teehee

In other news: lunch with the office staff and Bishop's wife was a ton of fun yesterday.  The office manager made the most delicious baked chicken topped with feta and paremsan cheeses and she made a salad.  The financial officer made roasted rounds of sweet potato and delicious sticky rice, as well as a strawberry cheesecake.  O my, what a delicious feast and a great visit.  I have an extra week without my husband as the Bishop is coming home earlier then he is, so I am invited to do some more fun things with them during that time. YAY!!  They are a great pair of workers and a great pair of considerate women.

This morning I am going to iron again....last night at 8pm I took it into my head that there was a pair of pants I want to wear to drive to Calgary and washing those turned into a full laundry evening.  Everything in the basket has now been washed and will be ironed this afternoon. 

For the rest of the morning I am resting in preparation for yet another lunch out, this time with my husband's cousin. She is SO  MUCH fun.  I am really looking forward to it.

Tonight I am going to force myself to rest some more, maybe watch some boxing I recorded a few days ago.  Apparently there is some footage of the Mayweather/Pacquiao snooze-fest. I would like to see it, boring or not. (Side note: apparently they  made so much money they are negotiating for a second fight once Pacquiao recovers from his shoulder surgery)  I have other bouts set to record while I am away...some excellent Russian fighters.

No more word yet from my husband, but the Bishop's wife had a couple of photos sent of their view from the hotel...what absolutely gorgeous scenery...big dark green trees, wide expanses of water....o it is lovely.  I hope my own husband can keep the camera working and his interest up for taking photos so I can get some idea of the area.  Apparently our diocesan website should soon have a posting about their trip.  Due to the apparent coup in Burundi, their own dicoesan bishop was unable to leave the country to attend the conference after all because of the closure of the airport and borders in an attempt to prevent the return of their president.  So, not only were our guys unable to visit the site of the hospital our diocese is building there, they didn't even get to meet our companionship bishop.  In that sense a most disappointing trip, but still so much to learn from the other African bishops.  The president of Burundi is also in Dar es Salaam as far as anyone knows, so our guys are hoping and praying things will stay calm there over the weekend as they prepare to fly on to England.

Well, on to some serious resting. I am actually going to attempt to read some more of my book, an autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger that is more interesting than I thought it would be.  I admit I bought it because it was on the cheapest clearance rack at a bargain store.  It has been a pleasant surprise. I never read during the day, only at bedtime do I feel free to relax to the extent needed to concentrate on books.  So, it will be a good experience to try to actually stay awake between chapters for a change! haha


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