Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Countdown to Africa

My husband is nearly ready for his first trip to Tanzania for the Companion Diocese conference.  The innoculations and oral meds are purchased and being taken with the most minor of side effects, Canadian dollars exchanged for US dollars, certificates in hand to show the Tanzanian authorities that his yellow fever and e-coli shots and pills are up to date, flights and hotels booked for the UK part of the trip.  Now we just need to locate his mosquito netting and I need to get his laundry done. So far, so good.  He is too busy to be able to put much thought or concern into any of this beyond sorting out the material details of it all.  He doesn't know if he is excited or not about the trip because he hasn't had time to think much about it.  I suspect when he deplanes in Dar it is all going to hit him and he will go into mild shock to find himself there.  So glad he will be with the Bishop and they can muddle through it all together.  I pray for their safety mostly and for their health. They both have some issues that could be triggered by the diet they will be ingesting, particularly on the African segment of the journey.  I have acute stress at times when I think about terrorism and the targeting of airplanes and airports on such a volatile continent.  I have had one particularly bad session of unnecessary worrying after a poor night's sleep last week.  Me and "tired" are not a good pairing.  I just have to trust the Lord for the outcome he wants for these two dear men as they travel and for all the other bishops and archdeacons travelling to the conference from around the world.

Spring is being awfully slow in arriving on the prairies this year.  Some of the trees are starting to leaf out in spite of the ongoing cold winds.  There are masses of little insects buzzing about on the lawns and getting tangled in our hair and clothing when we walk outside around this complex.  Don't know what they are. They resemble large mosquitoes and make the most terrifying buzzing noise, but they don't bite.  Our complex is the only place I have come across them so far.  Do they follow the geese?  We have at least 2 pair of nesting geese who have not nested over at the lake in the park across the road. They have nested somewhere in the midst of our complex and it is sometimes daunting trying to dodge them on the way from the back door to the car lot. Once their goslings arrive it will be dangerous to go out there if they decide to attack us while they protect their young.  No one but us seems particularly concerned about this, but perhaps none of them have ever been attacked by large angry geese like we have in the past.  It isn't a barrel of laughs!!  Apparently this is the first time Canada geese have nested in the midst of our buildings so no one knows what to expect.  Fish and Wildlife personnel don't seem interested in relocating them, so I guess what will be will be.

The dust continues to blow.  We are in need of rain actually to calm everything down and clean everything up.  A fair amount of it is forecast for tomorrow so today I will drive around and get my banking and shopping done.  My husband will be taking the car on Wednesdays now to go to his new parish for weekly staff meetings, so it is forcing me to better organize my time each week.  Wednesdays will be for house cleaning and Thursdays will be for laundry and ironing. 

Friday evening we are hoping to wander over to The Artful Dodger pub to enjoy a poetry reading by Robert Currie, who has been poet laureate for Saskatchewan and who has written some amazing books of poetry pertaining to the prairies.  He is releasing a new book of poetry and we are looking forward to hearing him, perhaps purchasing his latest edition.  We met him and his wife at church when we lived in Moose Jaw and they are the most delightful couple.  

Back to Africa: the countdown has begun....5 more days until my husband has a new adventure.  He is so happy he didn't know the extent of the busyness of the office work before he agreed to go on this excursion.  If he had, he wouldn't have agreed to take the time to be away for so long.  He agreed to go before we had even moved here and is so glad he did.  He can go knowing everyone will be patient with how far behind he will be with other work items when he returns.  It is all good.

PS I had a fantastic sleep last night and feel caught up and ready to get about my day!  YAY!!  

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